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Saturday, July 30, 2005

wendy +dave

Wendy and Dave just got back from Mexico. They were helping a community out by building a house in a week. And they managed to still look fresh and alive for their engagement session. They brought along two precious little girls, that I'm sure mean so much in their life that they are planning together, Faith and Grace.

More in the moring...

the craig family

I had the wonderful chance to photograph (again) the Craig Family. This is Chandler who is currently in the process of losing his two front teeth and since that is such a highly secretive process, I was NOT allowed (he thought) to photograph them. That's OK, he looks very nice sporting this grin, so I can work with that. We held the sesison at Betenbough Homes. Or at least their Company office. It's very nice and a most excellent place for family sessions. Definetly in about 10 years once the tress have come in completely. If you try to use it before 8:00 PM, it's a definite NO GO. Too much sun for a family this size.But after 8:00 works great for this clan. They had baseball, I had softball and we came together after. This is Emmy, (to the left here) and she is so apropiately named. OMG! She could have won an Emmy for the acting she did when the blood was flowing down her leg. (won't go into that right now) And well, now that I think about it, she was probably NOT acting, totally all the time, but hey, with 3 older siblings, she has to do something to stand out. that I think about it, Emmy stands out all on her own. Yes, she's a bit dramatic, but so are many children her age. Time will tell on the Emmy later on down the road. We got chewed by the mosquitos the first few minutes we were there, but luckily the Craig's had some repellent in the car and we all sprayed down and continued. Such troopers! I've only posted a few photographs here. I have other sessions and weddings to edit before Ican complete this one. I just like to post a few so everyone can know what I've been up to. Libby, Sidney and Carter bringing up the rear!

Thanks Craig Family!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the eyes have it

I was finishing an editing session of a wedding I photographed in Dallas and I found this little treasure at the end. This is Jack, my nephew and he was watching me while I worked at his kitchen table. You can just see the "sneakiness" in his eyes. So much going on there! Oh, to be young and carefree again. No responsibilites at all, except for a few rooms to keep picked up and "being nice to your sister."

I love you Jack!

Monday, July 25, 2005

POW 30

the Alamo in San Antonio

as seen from my Hertz Rental Car

Canon update

Some of you may have met my very sweet dog, Canon. You would totally remember if so. He's such a sweetie! Ahh, look at him here, saying hello to the Federal Express guy as he brings me my wonderful packages. Such a nice dog.
Well, I'm giving an update on his recent health. You may know that I broke his pelvis a few weeks ago and the poor pup underwent surgery as well as a shaved, pink butt, (just part of the procedure I was told). He didn't use the leg for quite some time, but now he's actually placing weight on it and jumping on everything just like he did before the accident. Much to Devin's (my husband), dismay. They've never actually gone through the bonding process. Not sure they will.

Anyway, Canon is on the road to recovery and doing fine. I urge all of you to harm your dog in some sort of fashion that you are not responsible for. Of course, it is tramatic, and emotional, (and I'm totally just teasing. PLEASE DO NOT SICK PETA ON ME!) but I must say, Canon does not chase cars and does not play in the drive way much. Now if we could only get him to poop in the cotton field, but that's another story.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

location: Rio Cibolo Ranch, San Antonio, Texas

This is the couple I was referring to in my previous post. They called me almost 2 years ago to book me for their wedding. After much waiting, several phone calls, and many tears, Kim married Josh yesterday afteroon in a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony.

We all sat down like family together afterwards for a wonderful meal. Dancing, toasts, even a little bare bottom, and many hours later we said our goodbyes! Congratulations you two!

sneak peek

Friday, July 22, 2005

kim + josh are finally getting married!

I'm in San Antonio this weekend. It's been a trip planned for well over a year. Kim is getting married to Josh tomorrow. The date has changed a few times, sure. But it's finally here, and tomorrow they will recite their vows.

We had the rehearsal at the blue star brewing company.

This is Kim's Grandmother and her Mom. Overall mood?

Happy, definitely happy.

Monday, July 18, 2005

laughing just feels sooooo good!

This is Graham. He is a member of the Cepica Family. I took their portrait months ago and just recently completed the editing process. I really love this photo as it tickles my tummy and takes me to that place where "life is good".

Laying on the cool grass, no longer having to sit still and not too many mosquitos biting your ankles. And besides, laughing just feels so good.

See more photos by clicking HERE.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

jennifer + justin, 7.16.05

St. Joseph Hall was hoppin' last night! Jennifer and Justin got married in a "teary" ceremony followed by a Country/Rock Celebration at the Hall. Food was wonderful, the friends were plenty, and the "bridezilla" never reared her ugly head. Aunt Mary, I'm sure is resting today, as well as the rest of the family that offered their talents and support.

As for Jennifer and Justin? I'm sure the sand feels good beneath their feet after dancing all night long.


sneak peek!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

layce + brad


did you know that Braum's Ice Cream, makes a wonderful groom's cake?

Yep...that's what Brad had at his reception when he married Layce this past Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony and an even lovlier reception. Very HOT, but lovely all the same.


josh + lauren, 7.08.05

Ahh....what a wonderful evening!

Lauren is a photographer friend of mine who graciously let me (and about 100 other photographers) tag along at her wedding and completely wear her out. (Not too mention, get her in trouble with her mother-in-law for grabbing her new hubby's bottom.) We all had so much fun photographing this beautiful couple and meeting her friends and family.

Congratulations you two! May you always make each other smile.



What a trooper! 4 hours of shooting, 4 outfit changes, not to mention reapplication of make up. Oh, and then, tossing some water on hair, rubbing a bit of gel and she's good to go for another hour or so!

Definitely a trooper.

I'm in Austin right now, but will publish the sneak peek to the website soon. Thanks, Megan for a job so well done, you make mine a breeze...see you next week!

Friday, July 08, 2005

adventures of INVISIBLE BOY!

I know a lady that should be Queen for A Day. Her name is Stephanie and everyone should bow down and kiss the ground she walks upon. At least for a day.

She is the Mom of 3 amazingly, energetic, beautiful boys! The shot above is of Tyson, her oldest. He has super powers you know. He's able to eat smarties in 2 seconds, handles frogs with super hero strength, and can wrestle with the best of them. He's INVISIBLE BOY! At least when he's under my sheet.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I owe Gretta an apology

I'm sorry I forgot about you.

I wish I had a great excuse that mainly said something about "out of the country" and no way to get in touch with you. But that would be such a lie.

I've been busy. Tell Hannah I said hello.

Monday, July 04, 2005

POW 27

This is Kate. She is a Bednarz and I've been photographing her since her birth 2 years ago. She always has such an amazing, tense gaze. It just pierces your sould and is so utterly beautiful that when first glanced upon, you lose your breath.

She was hot and miserable at our Bednarz Reunion this weekend.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


my nephew jack

It's early and everyone is sleeping in the house. Sleeping HOT I should add, because our air conditioner is broken. We've known for over a week that it was broken and we've shared this with our husband. But let's not go there. No, let's not.

It's a happy weekend. I woke up early to finsh kelley's wedding and to clean a kitchen that has not seen the bottome of the sink in about a week. I like getting up before eveyone else in the morning. It's a good time of day for Moms.

The picture is Jack. My nephew. I'm praying today that his heart be filled with the gracious, loving spirit of our Lord and Savior. Instead of that mean nasty, greedy one that was present at the mall last night. Goodness, Emily! Don't you ever take this little booger shopping? If the answer to that question is NO, I completely understand why. My Lord...I should be praying for Emily more than Jack.

I must tell you about dinner last night. After the mall, we decided we were hungry and we went to eat. How Jack managed to entertain us all with his charming stories of Galveston and the Hilton's elevator, while at the same time, managing to shovel in a rather massive plateful of lasagne, is beyond me! He can literally talk for hours. Which is both amusing and exhausting at the same time. I enjoyed our dinner date immensely and Jack? Well, he found out that artichoke spinach dip is really not about the spinach.

toast @ dinner to rootbeers and Grandpa Ellzey.

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