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Sunday, August 27, 2006

macy + mark

I made it back from Roswell! And I had a wonderful time. Well, except for driving back to the hotel from the reception. I had rented a car to drive over and did not have my usual "navigation" system. On the way out to the reception location, I followed the crowd from the church, but most people had left by the time I left, so I was on my own. I really thought I remembered the way, but alas...30 minutes later, I'm still driving in the dark looking for the lights of town, and on an empty tank! I made it OK, or otherwise I wouldn't be typing this, but gosh! I was stupid not to know my way. Of course, NM ain't the greatest at marking their roads.

On to the details!

I took this photograph to remember just what Roswll as the dairy capitol of. The Southwest. Hmm....I never did see many cows. Saw plenty of alien figures, but no cows. I'll take their word for it though.

Macy had a beautiful day to get married! Lovely pretty clouds. Not the kind that carry rain, but the pretty.

This is Macy's granmother and the reception was held at her home. She came to the salon to "hang out" with the girls and seemed to be reflecting on the night the come. The anticipation of all the guests celebrating at her house. Gosh! How exciting! (and how much work.)

I love this shot of Macy's veil! I love long veils and how the capture the light and just seem so elegant!

Macy looked amaing!


This little flower girl, Lilly, took a bit to warm up, but once she did, I couldn't keep my lens off of her! How soft and adorable she is!

And her big brother Liam was not so bad himself! Handsome dude!

Macy's parents were so excited for Mark and Macy! I grabbed this shot a few moments before the ceremony.

The church had amazing light! It streamed through directly to the altar! I loved it!

It was a wonderful evening and so many family and friends drove out to celebrate the day! They danced and danced and I think there were still a few live bodies on the dance floor when I left around 11'ish or so.

Congratulations Macy and Mark! You can view the rest of their photographs by clicking HERE. I put a sneak peek up today. The remainder will be ready within a month!

Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

the dairy capitol....

But I haven't seen any cows. Yet, I'm sure. HA!

I'm in Roswell, NM after a LONG drive over, (don't want to talk about it) for Macy and Mark's wedding. I met Macy through her Aunt Shauna, so last night was very emotional for many people on many different levels. For me? Just bittersweet in a way. I'm so excited for Macy and Mark, because these two are so sweet together. I just love watching them together and how happy they make each other.

But, you just can't help thinking, or maybe feeling a bit of sadness, like Shanna was missing. She should be here. Her entire family, (I think...met most of them last night at the rehearsal) is here. She should be too. I know she's here in heart and spirit and definitely in the faces of love that exist in this family, but in our physical beings, it's hard not to hurt sometimes. We miss each other when we are gone. And yes, we will be reunited as belivers in Christ. So we hold on to that and in little moments God surprises us, with a hug, a smile and most of all, he blesses us with each other.

There was plenty of "each other" last night! And both families totally embrassed me and made me feel warm and welcome!

The rehearsal dinner was held at this lovely place by the church. Food was fabulous as was the coffee. Of course, I felt they were a bit stingy with the "bundles of greens" but I understand....mouths to feed and I could have eaten everyone of them! Yum!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm sitting at the airport in Dallas and did you know that McDonald's is now selling internet minutes? Yep. I just paid $2.95 for 2 hours of internet access. My flight is 1 1/2 hours late. Something about a storm in Houston so, time to kill translates in time to post. Here's some images from Ashley and Adam's e-session last night!

There's more I want to share than this, but I'm having trouble getting blogger to work. Go figure?

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