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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lonestar 2 - Ballistic 0

One more win and Lonestar is headed to the STATE CUP!!!!!!

We watched them play Ballistic last night out at the soccer fields and it was a bit chilly and windy. Nothing new for West Texas in the fall. LOL But golly! We couldn't hit a goal to save our lives. Seriously, the score should have been 20-0, but we kept hitting too hard, or hooking it far left or right. Kalyn scored in the first 1/2 and had an awesome assist to Carlyn in the 2nd. One more win, hopefully Sunday and we are headed to the State Cup in Dallas in May!

Way to go Lonestar!

This is what little sisters do during soccer games. LOL

Lizzi and Suzi play for Ballistic. Our girls have grown up with them in BB, VBall, and soccer. They are in 7th grade and quite young, but oh so tall and beautiful! I nickname them the "gazelles" because the run so tall and smooth! They couldn't stop us last night though!

These next 3 are of Claire's grandmother. I'm sorry but I can't remember your name and I would call you Mrs. Blackwell, but that's so not right! She's Chris's momma!

She was playing catch with the guys during 1/2 and I just loved the smile on her face! My shutters were very slow, and holding the 200 2.8 wasn't the greatest, but I just had to try under the soccer lights.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

marilyn + lucy

Yep. I'm in trouble. I'll admit it now. The photograph above it of my "baby" Summer Zoe, an 11 year old. They girls LOVE Grease 1 and Grease 2 and wanted to dress this way for Halloween. No problem. I helped with the hair and makeup, because I'm such a hair and make up kinda girl. LOL

Summer reminds me totally of Marilyn Monroe, and Kalyn? A Total Lovely Lucy!

Summer had a costume party to go to at a friends, so I snapped a few after dropping her off. I warned her about bobbing for apples and teased a few about we like it when they wear makeup, because when we pick them up? We can tell if they've been kissing the boys! LOL

little red riding hood

After dropping off Summer Zoe at her party, Kalyn, (my oldest) had a party to go to herself. So, we headed over to Boo's (Lauren Heinrich) to pick her up so they could tag along together. Guess who met us at the door?

Yep! Red Riding Hood! How cute is this?! Her grandma helped her make it and she even had the basket with the candy. Add 2 pigtails and you've got an adorable Red Riding Hood! (Great job on the freckles, Shelley.)


This is McCall. You seriously, can NOT take a bad photograph of this lady. You just can't. And she's got the BEST yell when a trucker honks at her! LOL You go, GIRL!

I first photographed her several years ago before her Mom died. One of my very good friends, Lori was very good friends with McCall's Mom. When she asked if I would take Senior Pictures for her, I didn't even hesitate. She's was photogenic then and I knew she would be now. Duh?

We traveled all over Lubbock in search of the perfect backgrounds and found some new places and chased the light. My favorite thing to do. Her sister went along with us, which made it all the more fun and her cousin, Ashton. An aspiring photographer in her own right.

It was a wonderful evening!

Thanks, McCall.

The famous, "I got a honk!" shot.

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