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Thursday, September 28, 2006

my breakfast


starbucks coffee and bundt cake

Thanks Kyle and Amanda!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my first time at the fair

I'm pretty sleepy as I type this, but I just know Amanda and Kyle are checking every few minutes. (Click HERE to view their web page.)

Checking my blog.

Anxious to see.

And nervous! They were worried about what I would so and show. I don't want them to worries me. No worries!

I had so much fun tonight. I had my first time at the South Plains Fair. Yep. I was a "fair virgin". LOL

I had been once before with Devin, but it was to see a concert, not walk the midway, smell the smells and ride the rides. Tonight we rode the rides! And I can honestly say, I don't think I'm a ferris wheel type of person. Or Amanda either for that matter. But the things we do for the sake of love, passion, and art.

Here's the sneak peek you two. You did fab! Thanks so much!

Monday, September 25, 2006

the alford family

Meet the Alford Family. Cody and Teresa, Presley and Jax. Super cute, huh? I had been looking forward to this session for months! I've photographed a few twins once before and I just love it when they cuddle together. And since these two still share the same bed, I really wanted to capture their closness and bond.


Presley wasn't feeling very well.

At all.

Poor thing.

So I just stayed and concentrated on her adorable brother who was all too willing to play for the camera. I'll go back when she's feeling better and try to get the images in my head, out and in my camera.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

patrick + chelsie

Last night I had the chance to photograph another belly. There's been several blessings from GOd of late, and I'm so glad I'm getting to see them!

Chelsie and Patrick were married several years ago, and I photographed their wedding. Now, she's expecting their first baby and it's a girl, so the field I've had my eye on for weeks since the rain, I just knew would be perfect.

It was.

This shot looks so serene, doesn't it. But only the three human's know what patience and understanding we gave to get this shot. Not to mention the sacrifice on my vocal chords for striking such amazing baritone notes! LOL I use the Operatic ABC's on large groups where you are having trouble getting kids to look at the camera. Guess what? Worked on Riley and Kia too.

Thanks you two! You can see more from our time together by clicking HERE.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

spooky story night with the Hobsons

Last night was too fun!

Kalyn's soccer team kicked off the fall season with a "ghost tour" party of downtown Lubbbock. The girls met for food and fun and then just when the sun was setting, the ghost stories started. Cyndy, Shannon's Mom, knows everything about anything that has to do with "stories" of Lubbock, and she did a wonderful job of thrills, chills and excitement. I even got a bit spooked in front of the Pioneer hotel. Several of the girls swear they saw "the Lady in White" on the 5th floor in her white flowing nightgown. I think I was too chicken to look!

Shannon, getting everyone in the mood with some "spooky" faces!

Bree, having a hard time listening to the "golden arm" story. She is soooo dramatic! Had me a bit spooked, too, just feeding off her nervous energy. Kaitlin was there to comfort her with the hand hold.

This is Shannon and Kalyn before the party. They played together on Texas Heat and now together with Lonestar.

The Oh-Great-One-spooky-story-teller! Well, done, Cyndy!

I noticed this little guy up on the roof before we began the tour. Fitting, huh?

We were trying to hear the "Arguing Guy" who designed and built this building in 1932.

Ahh....the Pioneer Hotel. The girls were looking for the Lady in White.

Window shopping downtown Lubbock.

The girl's listening for the homesless man's breathing. Some heard it, others didn't even try.

Friday, September 22, 2006

my heart hurts

I cried so many times last night.

Grey's Anatomy premiered.

I loved every second. It didn't really answer any questions, and it evoked a ton of emotion in me, but I loved every minute! You'll have to comment below and let me know what you thought.

I was very upset that McDreamy got to slide on through this episode without a confrontation from Addison, that was so unfair. And at first I was annoyed by Finn, an obstacle from the hot scenes that the oogly eyes have for each other. ("I'm not looking at you." HA! ) But after last night's little speech about his hat being in the ring, I'm thinking the boy has enough passion for handling Meredith after all; and that's a good thing. It's going to take a ton of passion and "putting yourself out there" to win her heart. If it can be won. She is after all, avoiding anything like that right now.

Favorite scene... anything with Izzy. I love her. And I love that Alex is in love with her and plays the noble heart with her around. A noble heart, with crap attitude, but it still comes out once in a while and I'm fighting for these two to be together. I just think Izzy brings out the best in people.

Oh! And that scene with the body bag, (Denny) and Miranda? Gosh! That broke my heart for her. Despite the fact that she is letting someone else raise her child while she slaves away, or rather baby sits the interns, she won my heart a bit last night with her devotion to Omar. Of course if was "guilt devotion" for losing Denny, but hey...she won points all the same.

um...what else? Oh, yeah! How did Addison get the underwear if Derek never left the hospital? What was up with that? Any ideas?

Oh, and Christine and Burke? Definitely a crying scene when she showed up after and crawled/bawled in bed. I'm proud of her for becoming "human", but I hope they don't make her too human. I love her sarcasm.

Until next week...

Can't wait for next Thursday!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

mankin spears celebration

This is Ashley about an hour into her day. Phone attatched at ear, still handling all the plans and process of trying to get a wedding off the ground. And she did! Beautifully. I've never seen anyone, seriously...ANYONE book a videographer the day of their wedding. But she did! And they were great to work with.

Ashley and Adam have been together 12 years. And through 12 years you accumulate a tone of friends that love you like family. And that ton of their friends was there in full force celebrating to the max! It was quite a show to watch them and I enjoyed myself tons except for the quick jaunt/wrestle around the dance floor by one said such friend. (we won't go into the details at all, but let's just say, I couldn't shake my groove thing very well being held so tight.)

The wedding was wonderful, yet at times it was a tad bit stressful. People were late, and I was a bit rushed overall, but the everyone stayed happy and stayed focused on the main reason we were all together. To celebrate these two.

I've got a sneak peek up on their web site, just click HERE. The rest of the wedding will be available soon. Give me about a month to get everything up and present. I need some down time after this BIG bad boy! On to my favorites....(LATER...blogger is having some trouble and I have to go and pick up the kids.)

First Baptist had tons of scaffolding all around it, except for this one little stretch. Made it very difficult for guests (and me) to find the entrance, plus, robbed my lighting at doorways that I love so much. Was forced to stretch beyond what I normally do for natural light.

After hair, the girls spent the afternoon at Arllington Hall along with the flowers and amazing cakes. The photograph below is of just a fraction of the framed images that Ashley displayed at the reception. It was too cool! It made you feel like they were throwing this shing-ding in their own home. I love the idea of displaying old (and new!) favorite images.

Flowers were superb!

Okay, see the nice little lady above? Well, turns out she did Ashley's mom's cake 26 or 36 years ago, and is still creating! I will try and find out her name and information. I see a lot of cakes and I've never seen one like this one! It was over-the-top ELEGANCE! Each and every flower was created by hand. Painstakingly rolled out, cut and formed with her own little fingers. AMAZING!

I love this shot above of Ashley enjoying her "ride" to the church! She was like this most of the day. A wonderful smile that just lit up the room!

Find me in the shot above? I love playing with mirrors and angles and included this one here in hopes of "describing" the chaos of the bride's room. That's what they are... complete chaos. And I love every second of it!

The toasts were just how wedding toasts should be! Embarrassing, but not too much, sappy enough so you will tear up, but not bawl, and amusing enough that everyone's mood stays high and fun!

Congratulations you two! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this day.

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