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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashley + Logan got married!

Church: Lakeridge First United Methodist
Flowers: who else? College Flowers of course!
Hair: Cathy's Clippers

I'm late posting this fabulous sneak peek, but the flu has hit Slaton, USA and I'm covering for sick employees at our Video Store in Slaton. So, today, FINALLY, Ashley and Logan's sneak peek!

I first met Ashley when I photographed her bridal, which I will definitely need to show you. She's tiny, with a HUGE Audrey Heburn vibe, and just a classic feel about her. LOVE LOVE LOVED photographing her bridal, so to spend the ENTIRE day with her Saturday as a visual treat.

I shot this one with Toni Daniel and as usual we had SO SO SO much fun! I LOVE YOU Toni! Many weddings benefit greatly from a 2nd shooter and this one was no exception. Toni spent part of the day with the guys playing paintball and taking one for the WEDDING TEAM, ha! And she went early to the reception before the guests showed up to capture all the beauiful details of Ashley and Logan's reception at the Fabulous BAKER BUILDING! LOVED it!

It was so much fun running into friendly faces that I've shot and danced with before. Just felt like a great GRAND party! And with popcorn! Oh, my gosh, I forgot to talk about the popcorn. I made my self sick. SICK, I'm telling you. YUM!

Of course, many more images available on their wedding gallery and facebook, so go and tag yourself!

Thank you, Ashley and Kathy. I had such a wonderful time!

Church: Lakeridge First United Methodist
Flowers: who else? College Flowers of course!
Hair: Cathy's Clippers

Monday, September 28, 2009

LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Marci and Steven got married! September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

Marci Hamilton + Steven Brosch
church: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Slaton, Texas USA
reception: St. Joseph Hall
dress: David's Bridal
hair: Ashley Pinson
makeup: Gracyn (see photo below.... she wears diapers!)
flowers: Deann Funderburk
music: The Rex Thomas
cakes: Slaton Bakery

What a wedding!!! Friday, Steven and Marci got married. You may remember them from HERE. Adorable, laid back couple, country in style, with fabulous jewlery taste. Well, I've known Steven's family FOREVER, so when I found out he was getting married, the baby brother of a family of all sisters, well, I just had to meet his bride. Add to the fact that I've photographed Deann and Kathleen's weddings!

Deann and Jason
Kathleen and Kyle

So, Marci and I had lunch forever ago, and I instantly LOVED her! She told me about her laid back wedding plans and how shes didn't want alot of fuss. Just wanted a good celebration with family and friends. Well, that's exactly what she got! We had so much fun!

Enjoy the sneak peek and as always, more on their wedding gallery!

(password is bride and groom's last names, smushed together)

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