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Friday, August 29, 2008

Beautiful skies

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

yes, I have 2 kids

Several of you asked about Summer Zoe. I had very good intentions of posting her "first day" pics, but life got in the way. With the kids back at school, I'm back at the video store. So, I'm juggling everything fairly well and working like mad to get all my weddings edited and up on their galleries.

I have a 7th grader. And she's tall, and pretty and loves people and has a wicked sense of humor that makes me laugh so hard I snort. (the best kind of laughs)

Here she is on her first day!

Monday, August 25, 2008


And she's so beautiful that I'm afraid she'll come home with a boyfriend today.  But listen guys.  This little filly can't date until she's 16 AND after you've had dinner at our house several times.  Mom and Dad's rules.  

I took Kalyn Marie to school today and cried the entire way home.  She's so grown up!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

fun couple

This is my dad, David and his wife Sheila. I was absolutely THRILLED I finally got to photograph family. How cool is this! They have been married as long as Devin and I have been married and they are perfect for each other. Oh, and Sheila is a complete natural at this thing. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

california vacation 2008

The Yuba River is about 100 feet from my mom's back porch. That is where I've been while my blog sat neglected all last week. No cell phone coverage, no internet, nothing but family, food and fun. :) My sister and her 3 kids met us there in their trailer and we flew in. The cousins had a great time, swimming, tubing, jumping and playing games. Yo-yo's were a big hit too, as well.

Just a great summer vacation!
This is Donnie, my step-dad. He's been coming/living in these mountains his entire life. He's been married to my Mom for over 20 years and can tell you everything there is to know about cowboys, mountains, panning for gold, and pork loins.

General decor of my Mom's house. :) We did NOT have this hanging on the wall growing up. The things you do for love. LOL

This is my Mom, Cheryl. I don't think she realized just how much gravy she had to cook for this bunch. We LOVE biscuits and gravy! YUM!

Kalyn, Hope, and Summer Zoe playing with Photobooth on my laptop. :)

Summer and my mom's dog, Tidbit.

My sister, Kim, me and Kalyn and Summer Zoe. We were down at the country store filling up the tubes so we could hit the river.

Craig, married to Kim, and Abby. Just call him the professional air man. 7 tubes.

Kim and Noah goofing off while we wait.

I LOVE this photo of Kim and plan on blowing it up for my office in my new home. LOVE IT! So much fun!

After you fill them up, you gotta walk them back to the homestead. That's Miss Hope and my Mom in the foreground there. So pretty here!

The Homestead. :)

Donnie has lived a full life.

We tooks some snaps for my sister's Chirstmas Card. Too cute, this little trailer. They hit the beach all the time and any free time you will find them pulling this somewhere.

Me and my sister.

Just the two of us.

Me and my girls. Devin didn't have vacation time with his new job, so he's back at home working away. I hate that, but maybe next year?

Okay, my mom has this great old organ in her house with the paddles on the bottom you pump back and forth to play. Noah was playing for us and it felt like we were on a pirate ship and dancing jigs or something. Missed the rum, though. :)

Mom and her kids. :)

Donnie pooped out from all the house guests. LOL

Kalyn was fearless and jumped off anything. No way, Jose for me. I was on standby.

Beautiful trip and never long enough.

If you perhaps left me a voice mail that week, August 11 - 16th, I may not have received it. My voice mail box was full and not all the messages downloaded into my iphone. So, please call again if you get the chance.

ta ta

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