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Sunday, March 30, 2008

the loafman family

Do you not just want to squeeze him and love him and take him home with you? Oh, my gosh! I just spent the better part of the day, driving to meet this adorable little guy who currently lives in Amarillo. I photographed his Mom and Dad's wedding a few years ago, and now that they've expanded their family, I just had to photograph it as well.

Meet Cooper. He's currently 9 months old and unavailable girls. I'm afraid late nights are spent with Dad on the couch and playing some ball. But gosh, he still makes you sigh, huh>

Enjoy the sneak peek!

my godson's family

I've posted this little fella before. He's my godson. And he's just about the sweetest charmer I've had yet to attend mass with. :) After church this morning we headed out to capture some fun family photos.

I'm on my way to Amarillo and will be back late tonight, but wanted to get these up before I headed out.

Way to go Buxkemper Family! LOVE this! And we have to do this more often. :)


Had an AWESOME session last night! Meet Lilly. Me, her mom and her (totally ROCKIN' it by the way) spent some time touring the East Side of Lubbock and we are happy to report, everything is A-OK. Lilly did AWESOME and could totally help Tyra's show out.

Here's the sneak peek!

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