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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2 dogs, a sweeet motorcycle, and a priest

My youngest daughter Summer Zoe was sick last week. I book sessions typically a week or two in advance, and I had to bump everyone a few days in order to stay home and take care of her. I try to make sure the priorities are in order.

Monday, I had the chance to photograph the dogs, their owners, Stephanie and Nate and Nate's R I D E. Only way to describe this honey is to show her! An amazing bike! It features things I can even talk about, most of all including a shower toy that Stephanie suction cups to the bike in order to park her skinny butt there and have her man take her for a ride. They moved to West Texas this past fall and are loving the expeirence so far. I came for love, they came for business. They own and operate a branch of called "Hard Parts".

The dogs were absolutely precious. And I must say, much better behaved than most 2 years olds. Glad I got to know just a bit about them. Wishing now I would have photographed Elvis. Yep, you read me, Elvis. Maybe another time.

Thanks, Nate and Stephanie!

Stay tuned for the priest.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

amarillo wedding

Melanie and Brancent were married today! It was a lovely ceremony, with lots of emotion and so many family and friends. I heard Mom worrying as the guests were filing in, about the food at the reception. It's wonderful that so many family and friends wanted to see them get married.

An especially emotional part for everyone was when Melanie presented a necklace to Kate, Brancent's daughter. She started by mentioning something about not being her biological mother but that always loving her. The tears just started flowing! All across the sanctuary, the tissues came out and the noses started sniffling. Such a moment!

Ceremony: Paramount Baptist Deaf Church, Amarillo TX
Reception: Ambassador Hotel
Minister: Darrell Bonjour
Wedding PCoordinator: GayLynn Bonjour
Florist: Sharon Latham
Baker: Cakes n More by Trudy

Thursday, January 19, 2006

need a good laugh?

click here

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

life is made up of moments

I'll get back to the brides in a sec...but first I had to talk about the "moments in life". I know it sounds so "cliche", and it probably is. The phrase, that is. But I think why I put up with all the poop that goes along with this business, is for the moments that come in between.

This work is hard. Very time consuming and it can drain a mom, a wife, a friend. Even a sister. But today I was desiging a slidewhow that is going out to Mandy and Emily, future brides, (I hope) and in doing so, I had to pull images from previous weddings. I only chose images that I felt reflected my work, my style, my passion. Going back through the ones I chose, one thread was combined. I've often said, I love the "mushy stuff" in life. The kisses, the glances, the tears, the emotion. I think the mushy stuff is what drives us as human beings to connect with others and live. Most of the images I chose for the Sample Slideshow, were SURPRISE....the mushy ones. And what better place to share those than here, with you.

This first post of images is from a wedding I photographed in El Paso in 2004. The bride and groom were having a "moment" at their reception, when the evening was nearing the end and way after the couple's first dance.

I was standing in a doorway, just in the other room, and watched him and her go to the dance floor and just knew. I felt it. It's hard to explain but you do this job long enough, you feel the energy of the moment before it happens.

I loved this series! These two were so into each other, it was like me and all the guests were invisible! They were lost in the Celebration and really enjoying the "moment". To me, when I was standing there, I saw love. A total expression of love and happiness. I instantly felt good and happy, and great, (even though my feet were killling me) and the world really was this terrific place.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

and even more...

You meet people, they come into your life, you photograph them, and you go home. Eventually time marches all over your brain and you don't think about them again. Well, Nicole is not one of those you forget.

I met her at Joey and Amy's wedding in Ft. Worth. Her husband was in Joey's wedding, they grew up together and Nicole and Casey are best friends, lovers, husband and wife. Nicole is a giver, a sweetheart of a person that opens up her arms wide and welcomes you in! When I think of Texas Sweethearts? Nicole comes to mind. She's a true lady, yet so much fun!

Not to mention the fact that, JUST LOOK AT HER BODY IN THIS GOWN!

Oh, my...the girl totally ROCKS!

To see even more of Nicole, click here.

Location: Caprock Winery, and secret ranch that I shall never disclose.
dress: private designer, who designed her gown for the Miss Texas pageant. (did I get that right Nicole?)

This is Nicole's Mom, Becky. If you would, when you look at this, say a prayer for Becky. Life throws you lemons sometimes, and she needs a bit of help making the lemonade. Love you, Nicloe!

brides again

More brides.

Meet Keri. I first met her at Jumping Java's over Christmas Vacation. Her family lives here, but Keri and her man, Josh, live in Illinois.

I was excited the minute she described her gown.

Not the oridinary and definitely not anything I've seen on anyone else. It was sexy, yet lovely, and simply shimmery and fun. Throw in a long veil and I was hooked! I could have photographed all day, and to Keri in a gown, it probably felt like it.

We photographed her bridal a few months before her April wedding. You can view the rest of Keri's session by clicking HERE.

Flowers: Geoff, College Flowers
Location: Again, the Watson Building and Broadway Bishop's Center
Dress: AMAZING! I love that's its not strapless and full. It's very "keri". I can't imagine her in anything esle.
Hairi: very nice. Yes, you can hate her. Her hair is naturally curly, thick and beautiful.

Keri, her mom, Becky and her sister Lauren.

the brides

I never get to post the brides. It's one of my favorite parts of this job, spending hours with a girl, all dolled up like a greek goddess or princess and we go and play somewhere inside and outside, and I get to hear about make up, underwear, cute shoes, and just basically, totally be a girl! I love bridals!

But because most brides do NOT want anyone seeing them in their dress before the big day, I never post photographs here.

I thought it would be fun if over the next few days, I spend some time sharing the many brides I've photographed this year.

I'll start with Andrea, who married Terry last year in February. You can see her full session HERE.

Location: Watson Building and The Bishop's Espiciallan Center
Dress: Not sure, but the sleeves were simply amazing!
Something to note: Andrea and Terry were my first Greek Orthodox wedding. Very symbolic and beautiful and LOTS of singing. Oh, and she has fab hair! Love the color!

I always try to snap a few of those who come and watch! In this case, Terry's mom and Andrea's mom. (who I just ran into at Barnes and Noble last week!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the hobson girls

The Hobson Girls.

Brrr...I can't believe after rescheduling, clothes shopping and doging multiple practices, we managed to pick the one day of this winter and the tempatrue drops to the 40's. OMG! These girls were very brave and even managed to look beautiful in the process.

Shannon, the youngest on the left, plays on Lonestar 94 with my daughter Kalyn. Before Lonestar they were Texas Heat. It's nice to have friends that last.

Way to go girls!

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