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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's snowing!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

8th grade takes on levelland

I am LOVING me some Girls Basketball! I've loved it since I started playing in the 7th grade, when the rules were still 1/2 court for girls. (shut up and don't even think it. I'm old, I know! LOL)

I played guard and it was a way to connect with my dad when I went and stayed with him in the summers. We would walk to the playground down the road and shoot once in a while. It was fun.

Last night, Cooper 8th grade girls played Levelland, their stiffest competition all year. They were geared up for us and even had the high school varsity coach on the bench to help. Gosh! Passionate parents in the crowd made the refs job so easy, let me tell you. LOL One parent even got into a shoving match with one of ours, believe it or not. Talk about some redneck basketball!

Cooper played AWESOME, even if Hannah and Brittany got into foul trouble. (I was not one of the passionate parents. wink wink) And Kalyn, despite playing with a head cold, held her own and was a definite presence the entire game. She had some great steals, even a few rebounds at her height, and scored a time or two. Way to go Kalyn!

As always, you can check out their other games by clicking HERE.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dropping off at school

Summer has to get a tardy slip because we were late this morning. We
would have been on time, but she forgot her notebook and we had to go
all the way back home. She was so nervous and worried and scared.
It took me back to my 7th grade year and I had just started wearing a
bra and one morning I forgot. Omg! I was so scared that someone
would notice. No one did, of course. I carried a notebook to hide my
"chest". But sitting next to her this morning and her being worried
like that, it instantly tookl me back and made me worry for her. Some
heart hurting.

I'm sure she's fine.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

the heinrich family

Remember the Mom in sweats from yesterday? Well, here they are all ready and waiting for their Photo Shoot! Great job too, on everything from outfits to hanging out. We started at their house which had great south light in the living room and then headed to a few locations to finish. This session served double duty for their oldest son who is a senior at Cooper and graduating this spring. You'll see more of his mug than anything.

Thanks Heinrich family! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or two.


Saturday I was supposed to photograph the Heinrich family, but when I showed up and found Mom in her sweats, instead, I found myself going with them to watch Landon pole vault instead. It was great! I love trying to photograph new things and got the chance to try my luck at indoor track. It was kinda fun! I did have a red cast on all my photos that I didn't white balance for in camera, so many were converted to bw, but hey...that's OK. Next time I will do better.

FYI, Landon is April's brother, so yep, his great grandma and Devin's grandma were sisters. Connection.



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