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Saturday, May 27, 2006

school's out

School is OUT and Summer, my youngest had a friend over for some "out of school" fun. Hannah lives down the road from us and they became friends when Summer started 4th grade at Cooper.

I was working on the computer, (of course...) when 3 "strangers" knocked on my door! Imagine my surprise! And enjoyment that my camera was ready for something like this.

Kalyn wore hers the rest of the day. Right before her soccer game, she washed it off. We'd been to the post office, video store and grocery store at that point.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

sally + jared

Many of my clients I meet for the first time at the engagement session. With computers, fax machines, internet, PDA's...we can pretty much plan everything before we ever set eyes on each other! So, I always envision in my head what they look like, or maybe they start a blog or website and I can see snapshots there, but I never really get the full picture, sort of speak.

Tonight I got to meet Sally and Jared. They are getting married this August and after spending some time with them together, in the same space...well, let's just say the wedding will be sooooo HOT! They are cute, sexy and best of all, fit together very nicely in the composition of my camera. I so enjoyed photographing them. Even if Sally wouldn't beam that huge "julia roberts" smile at me. HA! You so need to girl! It's perfect on you!

Sally is in the fashion field of hair and makeup for sure. She had an aura about her that just blended very well with Jared's cool cut and nice jeans. They made my job so easy. If only the wind would have made it easy, too. Oh, well, we found a way to embrass it, and just keep on shooting!

Thanks, you two. I'm really looking forward to the wedding. Oh, and 24?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

beth + martin

Martin Haddix and Beth Snell were married this weekend in a wonderful ceremony at a lovely church on Polk Street in Amarillo. The photograph above is of Beth during her bridal cermony that took place at the church on Polk. I drove up one day in April and loved the light in the small chapel. I knew I would repeat the same places with the couple which you will see below.

I payed close attention to details and faces during our short time together. Really enjoyed discovering fun things with the rings. Yes, we spent the day together, but the ceremony started at 7 PM and the reception was over by 10 PM. So, in such short amount of time, I had to move quickly. I worked really hard to capture all of the amazing details in that short amount of time.

The bridal luncheon was at this wonderful catering company, which was decorated very eclectic with hidden treasures every where you looked. I found a set of legal encyclopedias and made use of the bride's ring. Too cute!

This is Tina, the bride's friend, in town again from Florida. Can you say "Cavendar's Shopping Excursion"? While Beth, rested, Tina shopped!

Martin had a great face! Always full of character and just very welcoming.

John Wayne, guarding the bride's dress. HA!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

need I say more?

I often wonder why I let him stay.

What does he do exactly?

I mean, he takes work. He's like a 3rd child. And since I've been back from CA, he's soooo darn needy.

What is he good at?

Well, apparently sleep. Which is the one thing or blessing in my life that I sadly lack.

Maybe that's why?

Canon...enjoying his new dog bed.

He can stay.


Monday, May 15, 2006

a wedding with

I second shot for The wedding was held at the gloriously romantic and opulent, St. Germain in downtown Dallas. Second shooters generally cover whatever the head photographer tells them to cover. In this case, basically details and whatever else came my way.

It was a wonderful evening with the most amazing cake EVER! I was in love. I always am with cake. Sad to say I didn't taste, although I did smell it several times. Couldn't be helped. It filled the nasal area every time I scooted by.

The ceremony was held in the outdoor courtyard with lovely touches everywhere you looked. The flowers were wonderful and vibrant and the perfect touch for such a lush green view.

Friday, May 12, 2006

erica and sean

Erica and Sean are getting married this August and with busy schedules, we decided to do their e-session as early as possible. What fun! Erica is a designer by trade and most of all, by heart. She loves to create and brainstorm and come up with all these amazing ideas that feed my soul and get me excited about shooting.

We went with a "date night" theme, starting with a bit of shopping at All About Looks. It's a great store in the depot district with tons of amazing fabrics and design details. Really worth the look if you are into things like that. We took a few images there and then made our way about town, finishing with a private screening of their own, on their own.

Candles, movie, shopping?

What a great esession.

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