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Thursday, November 30, 2006

snow day

Oh, gosh. The alarm didn't go off this morning. YIPERS! I hate that panic feeling. Lucky for us, it SNOWED! And they started school 2 hours late. So, I stayed up, with a cup of coffee and watched the snow out my front windows. And then, because I can't just do that for very long, grabbed my camera! HA

Kalyn wore her Crocks to school, so I traded out boots with her. That left me bare foot with her crocks and they don't fit! Geez...the things mom's sacrifice. She's well worth it though.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the craig family

Oh, yoo hoo! Sydney! I know you've been waiting on these, girl. And a part of me has thought of you each and every day. Knowing when you get home from school you would probably log on to find yourself. To see if I had posted you and your adorable family yet.

I hadn't.

And I would imagine how sad you would be. How you would whine at your mom and then beg her to call me to see what the hold up was.

Or maybe you hadn't even thought of me since our session? You've been busy too?

Here's the sneak peek, Craig Family. The rest will be up soon!

I have.

Glad I worked on these tonight.


I love it when I'm up late at night working on images and when a big batch is working over in PS, I get to blog. One of my favorite things to do.


I was discussing salvation at the dinner table tonight and earlier today, with a customer at my video store we were discussing exactly what happens to us when we die. Our bodies. Our souls.

Some believe we will immediately go to be with HIM. That just feels comforting. Some believe that we go into deep sleep mode. Dormant. Waiting. Sleeping. Util that day when the 7th trumpet sounds and the dead shall arise. Part of that 1000 year reign.

I'm not sure what I believe. I believe in HIM. It's proof evident to me everytime I look through a lens and look at what he's created. What he's given us. What he's done for us.

That's all I care about.

And the sleep part sounds pretty good too.

for elizabeth

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Did you know?

Your portaits that were taken after that magical moment of becoming "hubby and wife", well, they are saved in a RAW file, extremely large in size just for the sole purpose of a custom crop. Granny perfers the dress, Mom perfers the faces. So, in order to please.



Just be sure when ordering, once the image and size have been selected, use the drop down window to select "please crop". I'll make the adjustment when I work on your order.

Just thought you' d like to know.

the texas titans

Teams are not my favorite thing to photograph. I mean, it's very difficult to get that many bodies positioned in just the right place, and get them all looking the same way, with similar attitudes. AND add our wonderful wind to the occassion and you may have me in the grumpiest mood.

But I love the individual part of it. I love it to pieces!

I just wanted to open up the online gallery to the TEXAS TITANS. This is the team my oldest plays on and they are raising money to go to WORLD and definitely needed some images for publication. (no offense, Mark. But thanks for admitting you really couldn't do this. I admit it. I can't coach softball worth a flip. I've got the sunflower spitting part down, no problem. But handling the emotions of all those girls? And getting them to actually play? Your job, thank you.)

If any of the parents of Titan Girls are interested in ordering, just click on the link above (their name) and it will take you to their online gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a custom designed team folio like I quickly threw together of my beautiful daughter, Kalyn, click HERE.

Thanks, TITANS! You did awesome!

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