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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Tonight was fun.

Yes, it's "work" and yes, I've photographed a lot of seniors lately, but they are seriously so much fun! K'Lea was definitely no exception and UP FOR ANYTHING! I'm sharing a few here and more on my facebook page, so check them out!

something I've never done

photograph horses. Not unless they were in the background behind a family in a field, oh, and once a long long time ago, I photographed a graduate with her horse. That was fun. But photographing the ABC Rodeo Flag girls was a completely NEW ONE on me. I did this almost a month ago and never blogged about it. How dare I?

So, here you go.

To view the full gallery, CLICK HERE. The gallery is password protected, but Roy or Marinda knows it.

She did it!

I'm so stinking excited. The "taxi mom" is semi-retired, folks. No more running her butt around. She officially can DRIVE ALONE and I really didn't think I would get that excited, but when we were there, swearing in and getting our eye exam and donating our organs, I started smiling, really big. And then we both did a little victory dance in the parking lot on the way out.

Way to go, Miss Marie!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trying again

wanna get lost for a while?

Oh, boy.

WARNING: this will lead to hours lost that you will never gain back, if you like blogs, love to blog, and like looking at cool things for your blog.

I heart faces, Dramatic B+W

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Michael - Coronado Graduate 2010


I know. I'm very strange sometimes, but the majority of what I photograph is pretty and romantic and lovely in a satin ribbon sort of way. So, when I get the chance to get a guy...ALONE and in his own skin, not a tux, I love it!

Michael and his sister are friends with Sarah, who I photographed last week. I was THRILLED when his mom called to book his senior session. I need more guys to light up my world! And Michael was definitely good medicine.

He's a great guy. Has a good face, the perfect young guy hair! And he plays guitar. And will do so on cue. :)

Thanks Michael. I had a good time tonight. :)

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