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Sunday, January 28, 2007

kathleen and kyle

They met at the Texas Tech Library. As the story goes, she was sleeping, yep, snoozing and he was passing through and as they say, "the rest is history". Or at least part of it.

Kathleen is marrying Kyle this spring and I couldn't be happier for them both. I've know "Kat" forever it seems and she comes from "good people" as we say in West Texas. Her family attends the church where I worship, and they are long supporters of St. Joseph School. That's where I first met Kat.

Anyhoo...Kyle was in town on a break from Ranching and we scrambled to find time and warmth (which we didn't) to get some photographs of just the two of them. Yes, it was cold and all three of us had the sniffles, but by looking at these images, these two really didn't care. They were snuggly and sweet and silly and just YUM.

Congratulations you two! Can hardly wait for April!

I love how you can see the horseshoes on her boots! For luck, right?

Kyle can do this freaky thing with his eyebrows! It is so funny! When he does one side, he looks tough, kinda mean...sort of like the villain in a Bruce Willis movie. The other side? More like a rodeo clown or something! LOL

My favorite shot of the session. I just love the way she looks in this photo and the cleft in his chin. I LOVE how it makes me feel, which is safe when I think of how she feels. He just does it for her and I like that. This is what I refer to as a "yum" shot. YUM!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

a basketball weekend

Kalyn, my oldest daughter, had a BB Tournament over in Levelland all weekend. They finished up yesterday at Noon and lost to Frendship School for First Place. UGH! I video taped the game. Yes. Very hard to do, when you are trained for stills, but I did. And it was a GREAT Game, but many tears flowed as they lost in the final few seconds.

Kalyn played great and hustled and her game has so improved! I call her my "little munchkin" due to her size, but gosh she sure can shut them down on defense!

I'm also one of those embarassing moms that I'm sure many of you have sat next to at sporting events. You know the kind? Loud, sweaty, and full of opinions that the ref should hear? Yep. That's me. One of the reasons I stay on the floor with a camera, usually. When I'm photographing, I tend to keep my mouth shut. That so helps.

Here's a few from the weekend.

To see ALL the images, simply click HERE.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

January is most definitely a time of "lag" for us Wedding Photographers. There's just not a lot of romance in the month of January. Too much football. That's my theory. But I blew that theory back 16 years ago. I married Devin on Jan. 26, 1991 and I'm so glad I did. My life has been CRAZY and so full of changes, but it's been so GREAT and such a blessing, too.

So, when Mary Ann called me and asked if I would be able to photograph her wedding, of course I jumped at the chance! I LOVE weddings! And this one, was just one I'm so glad I got to be a part of!

It was wonderful. The groom expressed excitement upon seeing her in her gown. They laughed, they hugged, they touched, and they prayed. It was a simple and small ceremony. It consisted of the bride and groom, their "witnesses" , the minister and me. I was very excited to document this intimate event, but never expected that the minister would prefer that I NOT photograph the ceremony.

What? I'm sure my jaw dropped. I just never thought it would be a problem.

Yep. He asked me "are you going to be doing that the entire time?" as i took a shot of the couple in the prayer room laughing. Me? I just said, immediately, "not if you don't want me to." Which he replied, "no, not while this is taking place."

Well, I didn't photograph out of respect for his wishes. But when the heater kicked on, (and the noise filled the room) I shot a couple of frames, and then, when I had the chance to move during the blessing (and they knelt) I bolted for the back door and quickly changed lenses and did what I was hired to do. Document their day.

Congratulations you two! I'm so thrilled that you found love together at this journey in your lives. BEST WISHES!

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