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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Turkey Day

I beat myself up every day for not getting things done. Yesterday, the girls were home from school and we had been up late the night before watching the Lady Pirates lose. I had to go to the Video Store to take care of a few things and I was just plain wore out. I had good intentions for many things I wanted to get done. We are leaving today for Prosper, TX to celebrate the Holiday with family. And my "to do" list? Definitely not done.

Never enough time in the day.

My Thanksgiving Prayer
Lord, thank you for giving me another day of grace to screw up. And thank you for loving me despite my faults of procrastination and over eating. Be with us, Lord as we travel and help me to bite my tongue and NOT provoke my family. We can be so hateful tone wise to each other when we are cranky and pent up. Bring us JOY oh, Lord! JOY for being together and JOY for not having to do dishes this Turkey Day.

I love you, Lord.

I'll leave you with basketball photos of my youngest. She plays on Mondays and I never seem to get her images up past facebook.


Monday, November 23, 2009

They grow 'em good in Plainview

I love this shot above. Abby (I hope I'm spelling this right) was the first DEB I met yesterday. She rocked her shots with pizzaz and attitude. Enough grace rolled in to carry the roll of debutante. All the girls did! I'm raising daughters and yesterday was a treat for me. Plainview DEBS drove down and spent the afternoon with me photographing them for their promotional material for their upcoming ball. I had the BEST time watching them interact and most of all, work their personalities in front of the camera.

Well done ladies!

To view your full sneak peek, CLICK HERE. I'm emailing you each the password.

Special thanks to my cousin, Keri who graciously loaned me her killer chair.

The Alford's on the Ranch

cuteness rolled up into a pair is my way to spend Sunday Morning. These two have been charming my days ever since they were born. They are completely different, yet hail from the same womb and are so sweet you just want to eat them with a spoon and whip cream. I do. I really do!

The Alford Family took their family photos on Sunday and we had fun roaming the ranch for good locations. It was almost high noon, which presented a challenge. But it worked. We found the pockets of light and good shade and had fun laughing at these two cutie bugs.


The Alford

Katie + Kevin (the engagement)

Total yummy feeling inside when I look at these. YUM.

Saturday, after TT beat OU, Katie and Kevin photographed their e-session. I wonder if TT would have lost if the magic in these photos would have still been there? Me thinks yes. Me thinks this magic between these two will be around forever. It rubbed off on me quite a bit and got me through a very busy weekend when things weren't always so peachy, if you know what I mean.

We started out at Buffalo Canyon and drove around until we found the nooks and crannies that love the camera. Oh, and we found the most totally cool wall that I adore. They look so good this wall we had to stay long enough to see the locals zoom by in golfcarts with their beer. Life is good in Buffalo Canyon.

Kevin has a way with Katie. She looks like this almost every 2nd with him. :)

Then to my favorite lighting stinky place, tunnel light is so supreme when it highlights your subject. Bonus points for this location blocking the wind. Oh, yeah.

And Katie rocking the heels and adorable dress was definitely a plus.

The camera LOVES her!

Oh, yes. YOU MUST SHOOT SHADOW COWBOY when you have a hat like Kevin's. HELLO! It's the perfect West Texas e-session shot. Cowboy with cool guitar case? BONUS.

You two were GREAT to drive me around and make out in public places. I sure appreciate that. Add to the fact that you are madly in love with each other and just plain LOVE to have fun, and I'm hooked. I'll be Katie and Kevin fans for life. :)

Oh, and 2010, 2010, 2010!!!!!
(inside joke)

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