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Monday, December 31, 2007

courtney + sylvanus (the wedding)

What a wedding! And yes, that is the Deacon that married them holding a box of Lucky Charms. It was such a riot! Yet, perfect as well in how he used the word CHARM as an acronym for everything you need in a marriage. Perfect.

The wedding was at St. Elizabeth's in the small chapel and it was so beautiful. The dark woods with the warm light from the church, the poinsettias, to the groom's brother singing from the balcony, it was beautiful.

Here's the sneak peek and as always, the rest are available by clicking HERE.

We started the day at Harrigan's with a scrumptious lunch and quickly moved to the "beauty" parts of the day.

Love this shot of Courtney's sister, Carol Anne getting smacked by Mom!

The dress! The maids got dressed in this cool house where the bride's mom works. (The Food Bank Headquarters perhaps.) I loved the living rooms window and the dress and I had a mini portrait session.

The head piece was Courtney's Grandmother's. I love it when bride's include a bit of history for the day. For instance, Deacon Behnke married Frank and Jennifer (the bride's mom and dad) in the same church in 1979. I LOVE that!

Beautiful St. Elizabeth's. I love this church! Sure, it can't hold a TON of bodies, but it can hold your favorites, and it totally pays off in how lovely it looks.

Shirley of Celebrations did the flowers. Fabulous job as usual! And one of the few vendors in Lubbock with an actual updated website. My gosh! I have to get this lady a disc quick! I love seeing local weddings blogged, on a web site, etc.

It was freezing outside, so we kept to the warmth of the prayer room. Worked fine for me. I loved the warm lighting and the iron details helped too as well.

A sort of private moment between the newlyweds! LOL

Yum in the balcony!

Okay, Jennifer (BM) is in the middle of this group of girls. Teresa Heath, who's son I photographed for his Senior Year and the lady that helped us find each other, is to Jennifer's left. Thanks Teresa!

Beautiful cake from, I think, Slaton Bakery. I can't believe I forgot to give it a taste! I always eat cake! I think I was having too much fun with Brittany, my 2nd shooter for the night. Oh, my gosh! We were loving the DJ's video and just watching the guests shake their tushies to Johnny Cash. LOL Be sure and check out her work by clicking on her name above. You make recognize her mug and her hubbies. I photographed their wedding this summer and they are what I would call a "jcrew couple". Total cuteness!

Ring shots are so much fun and each location provides lots of potential for a new one. We found this long horn on a table by the bar. Perfect.

Okay, these pupppies are showing up everywhere. They are called Ripsticks and my nephew got one for Christmas. This dude was hanging out in the foyer enjoying the ride! LOL

Congratulations you two! I had such a great time and next time I'm in New York (giggle) I will so look you up! And when I take my next cab ride, I will definitely think of the two of you.

soon, very soon

I'm dying to get the sneak peek up from last night's wedding, but I spent the day with family as many of the cousins are going home soon, and well, I was wiped! Geez...a month off from shooting weddings and I was weak! My legs were shot today!

So, I'm very close to showing the "complete sneak peek", but for now, Courtney's gorgeous ring on a piece of fake fruit will have to do.

soon, very soon

Friday, December 28, 2007

courtney + sylvanus (the rehearsal)

I'm so excited about tomorrow! I have my first wedding in over a month! I'm so itching to shoot again, it's unreal. I will probably abuse this poor couple and never let them rest. Just watch out for tomorrow's blog post after the wedding! Yowzers!

Tonight was the rehearsal at St. Elizabeth's in Lubbock, the chapel. Courtney's mom and dad were married in this church in 1979 and now tomorrow, she will recite her vows. I love stuff like that! Until tomorrow!

On a side note, when you scroll down and see the ceremony shots, check out the preacher, Deacon Behnke. It was a pleasant surprise to see him at the rehearsal! He's a deacon in our church and I did his son's wedding this past June. Great fellow!

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