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Monday, July 30, 2007

more letterboxing

I couldn't just sit at home.

After the funeral, the guys took Garett golfing. I decided to grab the Bednarz Cousins and introduce them to our newest addiction, Letterboxing. We had a great afternoon.

We started out in Lubbock at the Windmill Center and quickly attemepted several easy letterboxes. With 2 under our belts, we were thinking we were the BEST letterboxers EVER! So, we attempted another one out at Lubbock Lake Landmark. We walked the trails for almost 2 hours folks, and at one point honestly thought, will we ever get out of this place! But the determination of finding the letterbox kept us hiking in the heat. And despite not finding the prize, the journey was worth it for the memories alone.


Stamp from the Windmill Center.

The BEDNARZ BLAST feeling all confident after the first find.

Next stop... BUDDY HOLLY Walk of Fame.

Marking the log book.

Cute hand made stamp of glasses with a B and an H. favorite camera store! LOL

You have to play air guitar in front of a statue like this, right?

Out at the Wildlife Trials, most of the wildflowers were dead and brown, but you could still find a few. It was a great trail despite that, but me and Emily (my sis-in-law) couldn't help but think about the "what if someone lit a match" theory. Talk about a WILDFIRE! In the photos below you can see all the brown, dried out thistle!

Okay, remember...we are on a WILDLIFE TRAIL. LOL And guess what first part of the life we saw?

Yep...a SNAKE! We almost thought of turning back, but really didn't want to give up the hunt. But seeing that snake really did keep us more aware of our path and surroundings.

The photograph above was made about 1/2 way through our hike. Jack is NOT enjoying the experience as much as some of the gang. Can't blame the foul mood really. His tennis shoes were in his Dad's ride at the golf course, so ever so often he'd get a sticker or thistle stuck in his toe. Poor fellow. I won't even mention the "thigh in rayon shorts" issue.

America's NEXT TOP MODEL! Eat your heart out, Tyra Banks!

Me and Summer Zoe.

Me and Kalyn Marie.

Since Eli's death, I've made it my mission to be in more photographs with my children.

Despite the dried out brush, it was still a very beautiful hike.

Summer, Kalyn and Brooke. Notice Jack in the background, not even wanting to enjoy this moment.

Me and my sil, Emily. Looking pretty good for some old babes, huh? Um...old SWEATY babes. LOL

more wildlife.

Okay, this was so funny! At this point, 2 hours into our hike and seeing the end, we were desperately spooked by snakes, lizards, quail coveys, etc. So, when Emily accidentally kicked some weeds into the back of Brooke's leg, she screamed. VERY LOUDLY! And everyone took off running and screaming at what they didn't know was a very dangerous dead weed. Me? I was completely blinded by Brooke and the blue folder which she flung into my face when she took off. I did mange to photograph them when the realized it was nothing to be scared of. Such a great moment!


This was such an exhausting week! And if it was this hard one me, can you imagine how hard it was on Elizabeth's immediate family? My heart just so hurts for them.

I got through the rosary and funeral just OK. I had help from good friends, and good family. I swear though, I've driven by her grave at least a dozen times. I so want to photograph it, but just can't. It's too soon and too hard. I just miss her so much!

There have been so many of you that have commented and sent emails and have poured out your hearts to me. I thank you so much! It has been such a strength to me and to the family.

If you are reading this and knew Elizabeth, I encourage you to visit her Google Pages that the Family set up. They are working on a Book of Memories for Eli, and need your help! They want to make the books for Kate and Dalton. Please go and include your Memories, too. Just click the link below. In the meantime, enjoy these photographs from her funeral. I only managed to click a few between the tears, but it was such a neat idea for the kids to release balloons.


I also encourage you, when and if you see Kate and Dalton, to talk about Eli all you can! It's really the only way they will remember her. We have to remember her for them.

Thanks again.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

summer time

In the midst of finding out about Elizabeth last Wednesday, and even though we knew it was coming, it hurts all the same. We've lived in our home since Summer, my youngest, was 6 months old. She is now 11. We love living out in the country and sometimes rarely brush our hair or get dressed. I love working in my pj's.

Something is changing about our surroundings, though. And I'm very excited!

We are getting neighbors.

And not just any neighbors either! A Bednarz Family is moving in down the road! Chris and Keri Bednarz and their kids, Braxton, Sydni, Mayci, Braedon, and Brady, will be our new neighbors just right down the road.

We can play together, ride bikes together and I'm even more excited that my very good friend, Keri will be within walking distance from me. Just right there. I can grab my bible and a diet coke and make the trek to her house.

So cool.

The following images were taken the night Elizabeth died. The light was beautiful!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My friend and cousin, Eli, she lost her fight. She passed away at home with her family around her, tonight. You can view some of my photos of her, by clicking the link below.

She will be missed dearly.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

shirley + pat

I spent the afternoon and evening in Lamesa, Texas tonight. Shirley met Pat and they said their vows tonight in front of several preachers, but most of all, in front of their family. And there was LOTS of family! They each had their grandchildren stand up with them as bridesmaids and groomsmen. And even though Shirley, held it in and only cried a "tear or two", the emotion in the room was heavy, and heavy because of the blessings that God gives. A 2nd chance at love, it's a great thing.

This is Pat right before Shirley walked down the aisle with her son and grandson.

There were 3 preachers in attendance, all good friends of the couple so there was a lot of praying and singing. They did a sand ceremony and it was quite a thing!

Congratulations you two! I'm so excited for you and for your families. It's nice to know you have each other.

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