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Thursday, October 30, 2008

cooper vs estacado

Cooper is in the playoffs! They beat Estacado Tuesday night! Woo Hoo! It was Senior night and Cooper has a TON of Seniors! Emotional night for some parents but EXCITING all around.

Here's two of my "almost favorite" high school girls, Miss Kalyn is the front runner in that category, of course. Miss Hannah and Miss Brittany are the only 2 FRESHMAN on the team and these girl's PLAY! When they were running out and announcing the teams, I was desperately trying to get the Seniors running out and of course "ooofed" the shots, but by the time these girls ran out, nailed the shot. LOL

The choir sang the National Anthem acapella and it was AWESOME! Heather and Rebekah were part of that group, so of course I had to get a few photos.

And since blogger is goofing up, they of course didn't post where I intended. UGH...frustrating. Here are Bekah and Heather.

Cooper cheerleaders were on hand to cheer for their team!

Miss Hannah, I know you read this blog sometimes, and I'm so proud of us! We finally have a shot where your mouth is closed and looking NORMAL!!! YIPEE!

Okay, the following sequence is of Amanda Kitten during the 2nd set. She rolled her ankle which you will see below. I happened to snap during that split second. Down she went, but after a quick taping, she was good to go and played the 3rd set for the WIN!

A little later in the game, limping but playing.

Way to go girls! I'll have the rest of the images up later on today on


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cheerleading @ mcd's

Last Wednesday, the new McDonald's on Milwaukee and 82nd hosted Cooper Night.  Several of the teachers were on hand to cook, take orders and smile alot.  And the cheerleaders sold "tats" and candy bars.  

It was fun although we didn't get to stay long.  Summer had to be at tumbling, so after her shift we took off, fries in hand. 

I have more photos from the game last night!  Way to go Lady Pirates!  They are headed to the playoffs in Volleyball!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ISWP Photo Contest Fall 2008

Results are in, however, I'm not included.  Completely forgot about the deadline and it's hard to win in a contest if you don't enter.


hayes and his brothers

What a total cutie!  And so much fun!  I had the chance Sunday to spend time with Hayes and his brothers Blane and Kash, who were awesome, by the way.  Even though they don't do dirty diaper duty, these boys are great big bros!


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