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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kalyn is AWESOME!

We've been super busy with the house and graduations and there's just so much to do in the spring!  Softball has us really moving and now it's cheer pratctice and basketball.  Anyway,   Cooper had their awards banquet the other night and we always sit on pins and needles as Kalyn and Natalie battle out the top GPA at Cooper.  This year proved to be no exception!  Add to that the tons of other awards given out that night due to the awards being combined with all of the high school students, and well, this momma was feeling a bit nauseous.  I did manage to video tape the event but I'm still figuring out iMovie.  Maybe by the time she graduates?

Kalyn Maire Bednarz
TOP Freshman GPA @ LCISD

Natalie and Grace were close behind.  I would love to see just how close, because baby, you could feel the heat!  Super great girls!!!

Way to go!


Hi! My name is Janet. 2:12 PM  

i keep trying to figure out iMovie. and i always give up and go back to the previous version which has more cool functions (as in you could make an 80s music video in seconds. fake rain? check)...and i can actually use it. i don't know which version that is, but it's not the one that came with leopard, it's the one before that :D

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