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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Soccer should always be this fun!

Mallory from Lonestar '93 and Anyssa from Lonestar '94,
Saturday morning during their scrimmage.

But it's not. At least not always. We all know that. Or at least this family does.

My oldest daughter, Kalyn Marie plays for Lonestar 94. A local Club Team. Their Coach is Robert Bond and it's a full time committment to play, because you practically play year round! Don't try out unless you LOVE soccer!

They had 2 scrimmages Saturday morning and I was thrilled! I'm at the end of my wedding season and could finally make a game! Well, okay, so it's not a game, but still. It's my child and my camera and what could be better?

Lonestar Photographs

Claire getting her game on!

My daugher, Kalyn Marie trying hard to score one for the '94's.

Coach Robert Bond, telling us like it is.

Brittany's dog, enjoying the first scrimmage.


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