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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Emily + Hayden

I've known Emily and her family all the years I've been a Texan.  20+?  I can believe she's getting married, sure.  She's a beautiful and lovely girl inside and out.  I just can't believe the "little Emily" I remember is getting married!  LOL  

A July wedding is planned and Emily wanted me to "work Hayden" over early so by the time I was photographing bride and room,  Hayden would be a pro.  He hates to have his photograph taken.  I'm sure there must have been an acid accident or something during a previous photography session that tainted his view on photographers.  

Lucky me, he didn't come off that way at all in his photos.  Dude can rock a lens, don't you think?  Of course, snuggling up next to Emily for sure helped.  :)

Congrats you two!


Dennis Bullock 11:37 AM  

Great shoot Kristen! I love that first one!

Ramie Babcock 9:03 PM  

SO cute! As always!

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