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Friday, January 30, 2009

WARNING, picture overload

I realized I never finished blogging Alexandra's Grad Post. YIPES! I'm at my video store today,
working a shift and it's so slow. PAINFULLY slow. I should work every Saturday down here and get so much done. LOL

Alexandra is a Senior at Cooper and is a fantastic Senior Model! She worked it like a true ANTM champ!

Thanks girl!


Mary Ann 1:00 PM  

BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!!!. Kristin, your work is just OUT OF THIS WORLD. Maybe one day I'll have you photograph Danielle, she will not let us photograph her. :).

lauren clark 5:41 PM  

what a super cute girl! Love her outfits, great session Kristin!!!

ChristyPenn 8:40 AM  

I love this session! Lots of style, great locations and what a lovely smile! Kristin you know how to bring out the best in everyone you meet!

kristinbednarz 8:51 AM  

Thanks you guys! Mary Ann, I will so get Danielle! When BB is over, we will have to take the two of them, Kalyn and her and get them all dolled up and go play! They are so fun together! I'm glad they found each other. :)

Lauren, I totally thought of you when photographing this session. I tried to channel your FASHIONISTA passion, girl! LOL

Christy, can I just bottle you up and drink you every day? You always make me so happy. :)

tara donaho 12:27 PM  

alexandra is such a beautiful girl! i used to take dance with her. wonderful wonderful job capturing her personality!

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