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Friday, August 28, 2009

LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: August 26, 2009 Meet the Pirates

We've been at Cooper for 4 years now and I'm finally remembering folks and who they belong to. HA! It's great belonging to a community and feeling that "family" feeling. So many folks came out for the Meet The Pirates Wednesday night. The Booster club had burgers and the Volleyball Teams served snacks at the snack bar. They also had the new Cooper YFL League Represented and they kids even got to run through the BIG PIRATE TUNNEL! It was the cutest thing EVER!

Of course I'm blogging my favs, but you can also find these photos on facebook. Just go to and become a fan! Once you do, you can tag yourself and make photo comments. It's so much addicting, so I will warn you now! Especially if you have an iPhone. Geez! Talk about being plugged in!

AND something new this year for me and the Cooper Athletic Boosters, you can now order your favorite photos by going to You see one you like, just click the image, order the digital file (it will sent to you by email) and I'm donating the proceeds from your order to the Booster Club! It's a win-win situation, if you ask me. :)


The 7-8th Grade Cheer Squad had their first public performance. Me thinks she's a bit nervous. LOL

Sydney Holmes ROCKING the stunt! Cuter than CUTE!

The squad right before their BIG debut!

Heather is the mascot and she's doing an AWESOME job! Her "pirate head" has a built in fan to keep her cooled, however, we needed a battery. Don't forget next time!

HELLO! Could this little tyke be any more precious! His big brothers play for the Pirates, Blane (a senior) and Kash (freshman).

LOVE this one!

Melt my heart, why don't you, Mr. Hayes.

You can't forget the MOM's supporters! Haley Jackson's mom, Kamille on the left, Raelyn's mom, Kathy on the right. Both girls are SENIORS this year!

The famous HOLMES flip floppers!

Me and my twinkie, Summer Zoe.

Mr. Blane Kitten. LOVE this shot, Lori! And thanks, Blane, I know I embarrassed you when I said, with camera in hand, WORK IT!

HA! Cari Limmer showing the camera some love!

Okay, a little scary, perhaps. I mean they are in season and Coach needs NO INJURIES. But hey, energy to burn and it's makes for good photos. Kalyn, my oldest had a camera in the crowd and got this one. LOVE IT!

Price is a 7th grader! No way! Can't wait to watch him play!

7th Grade girls Representing!

7th Grade boys!

8th Grade Girls

JV Boys, I think?

Mr. Daryl Bednarz, I like to refer to him as Mr. PR. LOL Bunny, his wife is President of the Booster Club this year. Right?

Those JV'ers LOVE the camera!


Okay, time out to brag on the band. I was never a band fan much back in my days in HS and now I know why. Sure, our band was good, but I didn't appreciate it back then. Now? LOVE IT! I had to show some love to the dudes that carry these bad boys around.

Oh, yeah, they are so ready to play!

Beautiful Cheerleaders!

Carsi, 7th grade, and her big bro, Mathan, who's graduating this year. Too cute!

Kaite, Summer and Sydney chilling on the field!

Sydney and Summer! Bednarz Cousins!

Next weekend, I'm hanging with these guys in the mountains. LOVE it!!!

Thanks everyone, for all your hard work and don't forget to check out the rest of the images at


Chey-Anne Smart 2:50 PM  

I just wanted to tell you that I check your blog every day and I love your pics!!!! I taught at Cooper for six years and I love watching my third grade babies grow up! Your photos are awesome and I hope you can take some family pics for us one day! Keep up the great work. BTW-love the Merket pics-that's where I got married!

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