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Friday, October 09, 2009


I scammed this off the Texas Coaches Association of Basketball. The picked Cooper Girl's BB as the NO. 1 TEAM in the state pre-season! WOO HOO! I like to think it's because my kid is on the team.

Yeah, you heard me. Kalyn made VARSITY!

We are still in a daze in this household, kind of scared to breathe a word. That maybe it's not real? She's worked so hard for this and loves the game so much. We all do! Nothing like GIRL's BB!

I knew she deserved it! I'm just so thrilled the Coach knew it, too.

GO BEDNARZ! And don't let up EVER!

All the way to state baby!!!!


Kim 7:22 AM  

Congrats! That's way big.

It's been a while since I've been here, my blog days have been dragging but I'm bound and determined to pick it back up. Anyhoo, love your photos, energy, attitude and zest for life Mr. Kristen! Now back to your blog to catch up!

kristinbednarz 7:25 AM  

I was thinking about the blogs and how we used to have those topics with all the cyber sistas! I loved that. I realize facebook has taken over the blogging world, but I so loved going to everyone's blogs as as the pages loaded, getting excited if they posted something new. :)

Weird, I know, but still!!!

Dustin and Allyson Wall 7:25 PM  

Way to go Kalyn!!!! That's awesome. Sands (that's where we are now) plays ya'll at Cooper this year! Maybe I'll get to see her play. :-)

kristinbednarz 7:44 PM  

Allyson, that is so cool! YEAH! I'll get to see you guys and hold that new baby! Just checked the schedule, it's November 17th. Will you get to come? Do you drive down with the bus? Or on your own?

Dustin and Allyson Wall 2:08 AM  

We'll drive on our own. And I'm sure we'll be there!

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