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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

promised pictures

I didn't have time to post these before I left the house this morning. And my eyes are swimming and blurry from editing non-stop since 4 PM. I think it's time to rest them.

FYI Cooper plays Argyle on Friday night at the United Spirit Arena. And if you are keeping up with the Slaton Tigers, they play at Midland College Friday night as well. I"m surrounded by Champions!

I love this shot below. You can see the question in her eyes, as to wondering who is getting the foul. LOL

The fans came out if FULL Force! It was so cool to be on the court and see everyone screaming for the Lady Pirates!

The MOM Squad was out in full force too as well. LOL

Okay, I never show the cheerleaders. Well, not enough according to a few. So, next game, my goal is to get a shot of each one of them at least. Here's my start.

Hard to photograph cheerleaders when this is going on.

Check out the clean stuff! AWESOME!

This is Gordon, April Ehler's dad.

Can you see me in the trophy? huh?

Kalyn was an AWESOME shooter last night. I'm working on getting us press passes for Friday night's game, so we can be courtside.

Wish us luck!

As always, the full gallery can be found HERE. Gallery 1 is Kalyn's shots. I wanted to show her off a bit for all her hard work.

HEY, and just for all those bride's and groom's out there, I have a wedding next Saturday so back to your regularly scheduled programming on the 1st.


Kenda 5:33 AM  

Great captures, impressive. Love that "stuff" picture but my favorite is number can so see the emotion in her face, so exciting! Love looking at this stuff...gotta get Kel loving bb as much as I do.

Dennis Bullock 3:31 PM  

Great stuff Kristin...tell the girls good job! I love the shots of the Mom Squad!

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