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Monday, April 27, 2009

last night

Linda Schilberg, a photographer friend with a small body and HUGE heart, got a group of us photogs together last night to photograph pro bono for a group of 4 fun girls.  She knows all the details and I'm sure will post many more photos, but here's a few from my card.  

It was so much fun to get out and laugh and just enjoy friends, both old and new.  I've been so stressed with work, the video store, the house, JUST LIFE, it's nice to just BE.  That was last night, just BEING.  

Thanks, Linda!  I had a wonderful time seeing you.  We don't catch up enough.  Maybe now that school is out.  :)


Kayla Barker 5:44 PM  

These are so great! I wish I could have come!

ChristyPenn 2:05 PM  

These are so fun! I am glad you had some JUST BEING time! You deserve it, Kristin!

Betsy Lackey 11:18 AM  

SO good to meet you and be with ya for an afternoon! you are too fun!

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