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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Check this out

The wonderful Julia Woods is coming to Lubbock! Woo hoo! I can't wait! I've been to conventions, seminars, one on one's through my years of learning this craft and I love immersing my self in the craft and talking with other photographers and just being around all that creative energy! It just ROCKS!

But to have a mom give a lecture from her point of view as a mom, as a wife, as a lover of photography, it gives a new perspective that I can so relate to. We juggle so much in our lives and we are always struggling with the guilt from pulling and pushing ourselves too thin. I can respect what Mrs. Woods will say with even more heart and soul because she has 4 boys at home that call her Mom. And she deals with much of the same day to day struggles that I do running my business and enjoying my girls.

So, if you are a photographer wanna-be or "already are", please take the time to grow your craft, your spirit, but most of all your business.

CLICK HERE for more details.

Hope to see you there!


Jared 7:27 AM  

I'm trying! Get off my back! Hahaha.

kristinbednarz 7:36 AM  

HA! Baby steps. You had to get the house ready, right? And not to mention a baby! And besides, you are in the BEST place to learn. More speakers come to Dallas than my area, EVER. Go to the PPA website to find out about others in your area.

And I'll blog all about Julia after too!

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