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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Courtney Stennett, bridal session in Tahoka USA

I just got home from Courtney and Bryan's wedding tonight in Tahoka, and my computer is digesting their images so I can back everything up before going through them. But I had to share Courtney's Bridal session we photographed in Tahoka, USA just a few days ago.

It just goes to prove that you only need good light to make a photo. The rest is just circumstance, places to go, things to stand in front of. Here's a list of places we photographed.

the family garage
the family barn
a bush in front of the family barn
some sort of farm equipment or silo's next to the family barn
a green green field NEXT to the family house
a dirt road
a house in town that had a cool texture

etc. etc.

That's what you call, "chasing the light" baby.


I'll sneak peek the wedding tomorrow!!!


Cristy Cross 8:43 AM  

Beautiful beautiful girl. Beautiful wedding. Talented friends and hubby. I'm so glad I could be there.
It was so good to see you Kristin. I just adore you :)

The Reeds 1:23 PM  

I can't believe how beautifully those "silo looking things" turned out. What light! And the green fields are stunning... And that is their little barn? Amazing!

Last crazy comment: The pink elephant house! How funny! I was looking at that picture and trying to figure out where it was.

Well done! (of course!)

We had a ball seeing you there! It brought back lots of memories for us and what a blessing you were to us. Thanks again. Muchas gracias!

Mary Ann 9:24 AM  

One word, "Awesome!"

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