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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

ME at work (photobomb)

Okay, I love to read blogs. I have a blog roll of about 100+ blogs. Some, I've been reading forever. Others, they make the cut, then the blogger quickly gets old and boring and I cut them off. About a year ago, I started following This is Photobomb.

WARNING: Yes, sometimes there's is vulgar nudity on this site, but that's not why I follow it. I follow because I'm always aware when folks are taking photos and have thought to jump in the background before, but never did. Well, low and behold there's a website for my obsessive thoughts? YES! There is! So, I'm working on my submission to photobomb from Kathleen and Reece's wedding. Which one should I submit?



Linda Schilberg Photography 1:57 PM  

my vote is the last one!

The Reeds 6:46 PM  

Totally one of the last two! I'm glad someone else has such a big blog roll.. I really need to go to BA meetings to work on this little problem.

Kayla Barker 7:54 AM  

I love them!!! I like the one with the camera and flash high above the ladies!

kristinbednarz 8:38 AM  

Hey, you guys start photoboming and we will create a new CRAZE with the ROCKSTAR photo world! LOL

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