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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ps i love you

My good friend Julie and I have been going to late night movies for years. And our track record has not been that "bueno". It's actually been quite awful lately, to the point that I'm embarrassed almost. Well, last night, after my ultra cute session with Jordan and Emily, I went to the late show with Julie and Stephanie.


PS. I love you is adorable. Definitely a mush romance with witty dialog and ultra cute guys! A great date movie to feel all romantic or a lovely film to watch with friends and cry your heart out.

I LOVE this movie! Definitely one to down load when it's available.


Brittany Strebeck 3:02 PM  

okay kristin... i just saw this movie and YES it is so good! but good gosh i haven't cried like that in a while. good recomendation though :)
see ya next week!

Sara Bradshaw 7:24 PM  

Okay I am taking your advice and I called my girlfriends and said we are going to this movie this weekend! Thanks!

Kerry Kern 9:35 AM  

I saw this about 2 wks ago and I too, loved it. I had not been to a movie in 2yrs...I love all of the phots, you are so GOOD!!!

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