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Monday, January 21, 2008

With makeup

I'm so brave. (and stupid)


lauren clark 8:35 AM  

you're such a nerd, Kristin. I had a dream last night that I bought your daughters prom dresses. Strange, huh?

kristinbednarz 8:53 AM  

I am a total nerd and you know that's why you like me. :)

prom dresses? Very wierd, especially since everyone who knows me as a mom knows they aren't allowed around boys, and proms and anything remotely dangerous like their father. LOL

Kenda 8:54 AM  

You are beautiful either way...funny though how make up made you pose cuter!! LOL

So cool about blogging from your jealous.

Toni 9:14 PM  

You're a nut! And I cant wait to blog the photos you sent me. I would have blogged them already but I have clients waiting and they might get their fellers hurt!

Jennifer Adling 10:06 AM  

I think you look great! Did you get a cute new haircut?

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