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Sunday, May 11, 2008


My youngest niece was baptized a few weeks ago, which means I got a quick trip to see my family. On the plane ride out, I ran into Mrs. and Mrs. Beale. How cool is that? I photographed their daughter's wedding in 2004, but they are so much more than that! Ultra cool "P's" is how we refer to them. LOL

To see more of my sunny CA vacation, CLICK HERE.

Hope Cheryl Lovold is 2 1/2 and just the greatest joy to be around. There is so much going on behind those eyes of hers. I LOVE that! She doesn't fall for the normal "nanny nanny boo boo" stuff. I mean with older siblings, it takes more then just the norm. Now a Popsicles helps. :)

This is my other niece, Abigail. Total CA girl!

And this is my nephew Noah.

Of course I broke out the Photo Booth and had to take a few of those. :)

This is Hope in her baptism dress. She has an ancient Family dress, that has been used to baptize TONS of kids on her dad's side of the family, but she couldn't fit into at her age. Takes a while to become CAtholic. So, we used it during the ceremony, but she wore this one instead. Wouldn't want to ruin the gown!

Me and Abby before the ceremony. She watched me put on my makeup.

The family.

Some friends made Hope her own cake for the day. She quite enjoyed it. :)

This is my BIL's parents, Tina and Dean.

Me and my sister. Do we look anything alike? We were heading out to the beach to take a few family snaps.

I LOVE these of Kim and Craig. :)

What a cutie!

and last but not least, before I head home, the family dog, Pugsy.


Brittany Strebeck 8:33 PM  

looks like you had so much fun! the wedgie is my fav :)

Rana Jameson 9:28 AM  

YES! I totally love the wedgie! LONG LIVE THE WEDGIE!

It would be such good fortune to have you in the family - I bet your sister loves having an expert on hand to capture fun moments!

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