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Monday, May 12, 2008

missing these two?

For Amy and Pam. I know you miss them. I feel I don't see them enough, so I think I know how you must feel. But they are wonderful. They are happy, for the most part, and so much fun to be around. I tell them all the time about "when they were little" which is so funny, because they are so little to me.

I saw them Mother's Day, too, when the family went and ate with IdaLee. They were going to buy balloons so they could visit their Mom. :)



Kenda 6:41 AM  

Thanks so much for sharing those...I teared up when you said they were going to buy balloons for their mom. They are precious little kids and I know their mom is very proud of them. : )

Britta 8:41 AM  

They went to buy balloons. .. I love that. I hope they always remember her that way.

Jennifer Adling 11:00 AM  

I cant believe everything these kids have gone through....they are truly wonderful kids....and have not lost their love of life!

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