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Saturday, September 20, 2008


* EDITED * I pinned this to the top of the blog and changed a few dates accordingly. I didn't figure in upload time that it takes due to my painfully slow internet connection.


Have a great weekend everyone!

craig + angie

Life is busy.

If you are a steady blog reader, you know that I'm:

a mom
a video store owner/manager
a taxi mom
a photographer
a home builder (um...not the hammering kind, the decision kind)

Add all that together and you get one busy life. (Thank God for the iPhone.)

Well, the store is doing GREAT! I have interviewed, hired, and trained a staff that is AWESOME. It's been a rough summer, traveling for weddings AND working at the store, but I think I have things ironed out a bit better to allow me more time to edit all the AMAZING weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing this season.

I thought I would post my editing schedule (thank you Kim for the idea) and let you know when to expect your images.

Wedding Gallery Completion Dates

*please note, the dates listed below are Fridays. I may have your gallery published before this date, but it's a goal I'm shooting for.

9-21 Kayla and Matt
9-21 Katie and Jared
9-28 Jennifer and Eric
9-28 Traci and John
10-3 Leslie and Clayton
10-3 Emily and Jordan
10-10 Kristen and David
10-10 Angie and Craig

Thanks everyone! You are the BEST clients EVER.


TheBehnkeFamily 8:57 PM  

I absolutely, absolutely love that picture. I got a very Gone With the Wind vibe from it!

Jennifer Adling 6:36 PM  

No hurry Kristen...we love you and know you are busy....we just want to see you again soon....

I Hate Eric Fihser day is November 1st!

Kimberley Bednarski Anderson 8:59 PM  

Scmootches :) That pic is fab. Love those Texas skies. See you soon? I have some Spotted Cow chilling for you.

kristinbednarz 6:01 AM  

spotted cow. Jennifer, that sounds like definitely something YOU and I need. :)

I got that too, Melanie. The Gone with the Wind feel? I LOVE that movie! :)

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