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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's all Jessica Claire's fault

I've been following Jessica Claire's blog for a while now. Maybe 4 years? Who knows, but the other day she mentioned this game for the iPhone called Words with Friends. So, I tried it. And she's right. It's so much fun! And it doesn't have to take FOREVER for folks to play back like they did on facebook when scrabble was released. It will text you when it's your turn and it's a great thing to have on you while you wait for you teenager outside of school to finish socializing and make it to her ride.

um, yeah...that's another blog post.


Ramie Babcock 6:31 PM  

I know!! the problem? I have an iTouch that my 3 year old likes to watch movies the battery is nearly ALWAYS dead!! Sorry for the delay! HA! :) I 'm not that great anyway...I think you've beaten me twice now!

Anonymous 9:28 PM  
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kristinbednarz 4:53 PM  

I have? OH, gosh. Sometimes when you wait days to play, you forget words you played and the board looks totally foreign.

fun all the same.


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