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Friday, February 19, 2010

Gabby and Garr

I've been tinkering with Pet Photography. I think I would be good at it. I enjoy animals such as dogs and cats. I have an amazing dog named Canon and a loveable mutt named DOG, and I've photographed them many times. And if you think about it, dogs aren't much unlike a toddler. They are rambunctious, and completely unpredictable. They have accidents, yes, but most of all, they are JOYFUL and happy and wonderful to photograph!

Leelyn, the above dog's owner, was a friend of one of my favorite couples, Rebecca and Sergio. I met her at their wedding and immediately liked her. So when I ran into her, of all places, the Sweetheart Sizzler in Slaton last weekend, we chatted. When she told me she had been trying to get ahold of me to photograph her dogs, I immediately got excited. And then when I found out she had 2 great danes, HELLO! JACKPOT!!!

Without further ado, meet Gabby and Garr. We had the BEST time!


The Reeds 5:16 PM  

Ohhh I LOVE this!! Great idea. I would totally be on board with that (If I were you and had your talent etc.!)

And thanks for getting my back on a bad day!! I think with a little teamwork we can lick those bad days!!

Shalista 6:12 PM  

These are fabulous. They are like dog art. I'd totally hang these in my house.

Rosanna 3:42 PM  

Dear Kristin,

Hi!! These are just *G*R*E*A*T* photographs of two really beautiful dogs!!............ I don't know Leelyn (their owner) or the dogs, but it sure seems that you captured the real "personality" of both Gabby and Garr!!

My husband Jack and I don't have pets, but we've kind of "adopted" all of the neighbors' pets in our townhouse complex, particularly the brindle-striped boxer Gaia; the beagle Jax; and the marmalade cat John next door. I have Hartz Cat Treats on my kitchen counter; and dog biscuits in my cookie jar, instead of cookies, (hahahahaha)!!

Jack and I look forward to seeing more of your really NEAT pet shots, Kristin!!


Barbel 5:55 PM  

these are so totally adorable and so in character.
Love your newfound pet photography.

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