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Saturday, March 06, 2010

the noble bunch

Oh, family sessions can be such a pain. Not on me! No. Not at all! I have a wonderful time! On the parents. They worry about the kids and what they are wearing and where we will be photographing. All that piled into they want a GREAT picture for their walls, or bedside table, or fireplace. They dread it and put it off. When they day finally arrives, I'm sure more fretting and issues arrive. My goal, is to capture a REAL family together and leave them thinking after... "oh, that wasn't so bad." I hope I did that for this bunch.

My day was great! I spent a couple of hours with the Noble Family. Freckles, tutoos and baby drool make for the best afternoon. And I think I got mom a few images to choose from for those special places in her home.

Thanks, Kristin, Justin, Pecos, Kyler and Harper! You guys were AWESOME!


Kristin 9:20 AM  

Kristin- We LOVE the pictures!!! I'm amazed!! As wild as the kids were, I wasn't sure if you got any good shots where we were all cooperating!! Thanks again and I cannot wait to see the rest! I think I'm addicted now...We'll probably be doing this again every few months!

kristinbednarz 9:22 AM  

Ha! I had to laugh at your comment as most moms and dads think that. I can imagine what is discussed after I'm gone. "there's no way there's a good shot in there. That was INSANE! Everyone was crazy!" LOL

You'd be surprised. That's why I encourage families to just BE. I'll do the rest.

You've got some great kids there! Adorable, yes, but fun, even BETTER!


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