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Thursday, March 11, 2010

oh, I'm in love!

I've been really wanting to photograph more newborns. After meeting Casey and Allison's little fellow last month, Grayson, I wanted to play some more. So yesterday, on facebook, I posted wanting a newborn, and HELLO! Meet, Baby Riley. He's just a week old and oh, so sweet!

Thank you, Amber and Bryan. You make beautiful babies.


Mary Ann 1:33 PM  

Love them. I also took pics of a newborn on Sat. and I just fell in love with newborn pics. I may want to do that more often. I also put together a hardcover book of the belly pics I took awhile back along with the newborn. It really turn out beautiful.

Pallas 9:41 PM  

wow I'm teary eyed
babies are a gift from heaven

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