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Friday, March 14, 2008


My little girl, Summer Zoe just found out tonight that she made the cut! She is one of Cooper's cheerleaders! WOW! They announced it on their website a few minutes ago.

Way to go Summer Zoe! We are so very proud of you!


Stephanie 4:13 PM  

Let me be the FIRST to say: CONGRATS SUMMERRRRRRRR! I'm so proud of you. And i mean that girlfriend! :)
I fully expect you to throw me any and all goodies at ballgames - should i happen to attend. And know - I would attend ... for YOU. :)

Jennifer Adling 4:37 AM  

Yea! I bet she is so excited! It will be a fun year for you!!

Kim 4:59 AM  

AWESOME!! That is such a big thing, I'm sure she was super excited! Can't wait till the fall for your blogs then!! Way to go Summer(have i told you how much i love her name??? well i do!!)

Candace Banks 5:13 PM  

from one cheerleader to another..."like, that's totally awesome dude!! i bet you totally rocked!"...ha, ha...seriously, congrats to all of you!!! yahoo! i LOVED cheerleading! i think in some ways that college cheering was the best for me, but then again, high school had a lot more memories...
take care,

Dustin and Allyson Wall 3:43 PM  

Oh how exciting! Tell her congrats!!!

Kerry Kern 6:35 AM  

I see my cousins name on the 8th grade Payton Hurst love her, and congrats Summer she is a doll

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