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Saturday, June 07, 2008


I've been traveling for weddings since my first season of shooting.  I think it was Steve and Erin's in the great city of Austin, which is where I'm at this weekend.  And in all those years I've never woken up the way I did today.

fire alarm in hotel room goes off @ 6:30 AM



lauren clark 9:49 AM  

uhoh! what happened???

kristinbednarz 9:54 AM  

somebody left a curling iron on in a room and it smoldered against a towel. They put the fire out themselves, I heard, but the alarms still went off. Lovely, huh?

trpultra 1:00 PM  

Talk about a loud alarm clock!

Alyson 2:12 AM  

That really sucks!!

Mary Ann 5:28 AM  

Your work is beautiful!!! Oh, thanks for watching out for Danielle. She had so much fun with you and Kaylyn in Washington DC.

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