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Saturday, June 28, 2008

rachael + will

I LOVED tonight.

I had a great couple to photograph and it had been FOREVER since I had photographed and engagement.

I had rain. YEAH! Something new to work with.

I had a road trip to Midland and instead of listening to "books on tape" I had company for the drive.

If it hadn't been for the speeding ticket on the way home, it would have been perfect. :)

Thanks Will and Rachael for a great session tonight. You two were AWESOME!


Jennifer Adling 4:36 AM  

you did great with the rain. I love the umbrella shots!

Dennis Bullock 7:15 AM  

What a hot couple Kristen! You really did them good!

lauren clark 8:19 AM  

LOVE these!

kristinbednarz 8:43 AM  

Hi, Dennis. YES! Very hot! We "met" online, so needless to say, I was very pleased looking through my lens. :)

Lauren, thanks! I sure miss seeing you! We are working on a fun photo trip soon. I'll send you some info and keep my fingers crossed we all can all see each other soon. :)

Candace Banks 8:52 AM  

these are some of your best did such a great job capturing the love of this couple straight out of the camera & then the post processing was amazing! way to go, girl!

Linda Schilberg Photography 11:03 AM  

Hum nothing beats watching a hot couple kissing in the rain! LOVE THESE! Had a blast watching you capture these two. White Sands Baby!

Kayla Barker 10:25 AM  

Oh yay! Rachel is one of my clients and she had been talking about having you do their engagement session awhile back! I am so glad you got to! Were all these taken in Midland? If so, how do you make an ugly city look so fabulous?!? You must tell me where you found all these awesome spots!

kristinbednarz 10:54 AM  

oh, Kayla. I was thinking about you driving in! And how much fun it would have been to see you. To be honest, we were chasing the light where ever we could find it. I LOVE your downtown! You have many more nooks and crannies to find. And of course, new places to me. :)

Maybe next time I come, we can shoot together? :)

Kayla Barker 11:39 AM  

Oh yes! You must call next time! I would have bought you a Starbucks or a Sonic! And I would LOVE to shoot with you! I think our downtown is so, so ugly! Too much brown! No bright colors! Where did you find that red wall? But you are right, there is some nice lighting in some of the alleys though! I just need to hang out with you so I can get a fresh perspective. Call or text next time you come to town!

Alisa Palmer 1:23 PM  

Ahh, a rain shoot! I can't seem to convince my clients that rain can be so darn cool! I've been wanting to use my red umbrella bought specifically for that for so long! The one you took looking down on them in that little greenish doorway was amazing. Inspiring as always!

leigh miller 8:43 PM  

love the night shot from above! the texture of the image is really appealing too.

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