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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I went trick or treating with a TT Fooball player, 2 pink ladies, and a pink princess.

Every year since Kate and Dalton were born, (the football player and princess and Eli's kids) we have trick or treated together. This was our first year in 5 years to not have Elizabeth there. Very sad and since my main job as part of the group is to decorate and drive, I was a bit sad in the car last night. It was a good sad. I mean, the tradition is still carrying on without her and her children obviously have tons of love from people that made sure they had swanky costumes and a good night. But golly I sure would have loved for her to be there.

Things I'm quickly noting from last night and then I'll share the images.

  • The Settle's House (best popcorn balls around and got a glimpse of Ally's Taylor. ADORABLE!)
  • The Lewis House and how the "scarecrow" on the front porch startled Kate.
  • Watching Kate in awe of just how a Pink Lady is created. Dalton, too, although he was not impressed until Summer's hair got HUGE.
  • Summer and DK preparing the car for our Halloween Adventure.
  • Seeing old friends and new ones and realizing that in spirit the night was good.

Every year we start the night out at Great-grandmas. That's usually where Eli and I would meet. We were talking last night about the year Kate was a Cow. She said she doesn't remember that costume and when we told her she was only 2 weeks old, she said, "oh."

Did you know that Pink Princesses wear Pink Lady Lipstick? I had no idea they did either. I was doing HUGE TEXAS HAIR in dining room when this happend. It could have been worse. She's actually pretty good at the application. (Thanks, Kalyn! LOL)

I thought I would make TT Football player a bit dramatic looking. We were playing with the off camera flash a bit here.

Davida's House (Devin's MOM) always has her "stuffed spooks" out and about. So cute!

You never know who you are going to run into on Crosby Street in Slaton.

Miss Keilie herself!

Mayci Marie going as a Baby.

Just look at the 2 kids in the middle at the end of the night. I took this shot right before I dropped them off at Grammy's house. LOL (You are welcome Barbara! I think they had a great Halloween!)


Britta 7:14 AM  

How special that you are still carrying out the tradition. You're such a creative and dedicated mom, Kristin. I good example for all of us. I hope that your girls and Kate and Dalton appreciate all you do for them.

Those Pink Ladies - WOW! That was some hair. Cute jackets - where can I get one?

Kayla Schwisow 7:50 AM  

The Pink Ladies look awesome! Better than the movie! ;-)

Shyla 8:11 AM  

sooooo cute. :)

Kim 9:04 AM  

Adorable all of them!! I want me some big Texas its been a few years since I've worn it that big, great job! Elizabeth's kids are sooo freaking cute, I'm positive she was beaning down smiles on you all last night! Your good people Kristin!! Great pics, of course!!

Kenda 2:17 PM  

Great glad to know the kids had a great time. You are such a great person. Miss you!

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