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Saturday, November 03, 2007

rana + bradley (engagement)

I could have photographed these two all night! And by the looks of the "sneak peek", I did! LOL

Meet Rana and Bradley. They are getting married in NM next year and I get to tag along! I'm so excited! We met tonight to get to know each other better and to basically just have some fun in some cool new locations. Lubbock is packed with new and old photographers out and about and I'm stretching my "East Lubbock" boundaries to find new angles in the great, crisp fall light.

This next image is SOC. (Straight out of camera.) This fall light is simply gorgeous!!

Okay, as I was photographing Bradley, I kept getting HUGE Josh Harnett vibes. But after editing a few of these and really checking out his mouth, I'm going with Mr. Big. You know I told you how I "nickname" couples? They were my IOMG (for Inn of Mt. God, or OMG they are too cute!) but I think I'm going with Mr. Big. LOL (I so need to quit reading People.)

Whatever, these two are HOT!

My favorites of the day. I LOVE the light in these. It's like I just walked up on this cute couple enjoying their afternoon, and snapped away! Which is basically what I did. For you photography buffs out there, I applied a little TRA love to this one. Oh, and a bit of Jesh.

Thanks you two! I can't wait for April!


Kayla Schwisow 6:40 AM  

Oooooh, Kristin! I love all of these! I can't wait for you to take Clint and I's!!

kristinbednarz 5:37 AM  

me either! Was just checking out your shower on your blog. Did you get cool amazing things? Looks like it was a ton of fun!

Molly 8:43 AM  

These are beautiful!

kristinbednarz 9:33 AM  

Thanks, Molly. I'm loving all this mushy stuff lately!

Dezira`e 4:44 PM  

Your pictures are AMAZING! I have never seen pure love and passion depicted so acurately as your pictures do. I swear it's like your pictures are straight out of a magazine. Fantastic.

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