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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

cyber sister, snapped!

WARNING! No animals were harmed in the making of this photo session. Not a one.

I have this group, and if you are a regular blog reader, you know all about it. The Cyber Sisters are a group of girls that blog and read each other's blogs, and many know each other personally and love to spend time together.

Well, one Cyber Sister, Jennifer is getting married this July and she hired another Cyber Sister, ME to photograph the wedding. And I'm THRILLED! I'm going to have so much fun!!!

Well, Jennifer and her FI met me Saturday night for some fun time in East Lubbock, and they brought their pups, Storm and Logan. So, I know my Cyber Sisters are reading this blog and they better leave a comment to let Jenn and Eric know how ROCKING HOT they are!!

You two did AWESOME and I can't wait for the wedding! We will seriously have the MOST fun ever. :)


Jennifer Adling 5:54 AM  

I LOVE the dogs pictures....and the rest as well. They all turned out so great....thank you! So glad we will be spending more time with you! Had a great time talking at dinner too!

Kendra 6:02 AM  

Love them!! The pics really show their personalities!! And the puppies are adorable as usual!!

Kim 6:14 AM  

I love them! Kristin great job capturing these two at their best...smiles and laughter! Beautifully done--can't wait till July!!! You ROCK, my Cybersister!!

kristinbednarz 7:58 AM  

Aren't they just the cutest! I forgot to put up the ones of you Jennifer, by yourself. I was having major blogger issues yesterday and uploading ONE shot at a time. UGH!

I had a great time at dinner too, and took the girls back on Monday for that appetizer! I'm addicted!

Britta 8:16 AM  

Kristin truly captured "y'all!" I can hear y'all laughing as I scrolled through the pictures. Well done.

Kenda 8:40 AM  

I LOVE the puppy shots, too!! Those are all so great and I, too, can hear their laughter. I got cold chills when I saw the warehouse shots...especially the black and white one where they are hugging. SO ROMANTIC. Eric, I didn't think you would do this...I am so proud of you. Great job as usual, Kristin!!! Can't wait to see the wedding shots. And definitely can't wait to go to the wedding. Kristin, you are certainly going to the after party with us, right???

kristinbednarz 10:04 AM  

what kenda said, oh YES! And some of those shots, Ladies, will so NOT be blog worthy! LOL

Once the reception is over I will definitely PARTY!

... 6:17 PM  

Hey Kristin! I'm Casey...a blogstalker...:) I just thought it was time to let you know I LOVE your work, you are such an inspiration and I can't get enough of your pictures! I especially love the close ups of this couple and the dogs! How fun!

Kerry Kern 8:34 AM  

I love these!!! They are great pictures!!! Can't wait for the wedding.

Averi 1:01 PM  

These are AWESOME! I can't wait until wedding time!!!

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