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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

email trouble


I have too many of them.

Take One Video =
home ISP:
mac (the coolest):

I would LOVE to get them all to come to one place. One place and one email address, but really need to think it out before I just jump. You know?

Jared? I know you read this blog, and you are a pretty high tech dude, right? HELP!

For now, please do NOT use my email address. I haven't been able to receive emails for over a month. I'm trying to get the problem resolved, but for now, the others will work.



Jared 3:03 PM  

Well, once you've managed to setup auto forwarding of your other e-mail accounts to your gmail account...

In Gmail...

1. Settings
2. Labels (create one for each e-mail account being fowarded to Gmail)
3. Click on box next to each Label in the left hand list to choose your desired colors.
4. Settings
5. Filters
6. Create a new filter (now repeat all the following steps for each Label you already created)
7. From:
8. Apply the label: Take One
9. Create Filter


Joseph Behnke 7:42 PM  

Hey... If you have the Mail app that comes with a Mac (I'm assuming you have one), I can give you real easy instructions to get them all in one place.

Most of 'em, at least, so all you have to do is open up Mail.

Just lemme know, and I'll be happy to hook you up with the info.

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