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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

heath (cont.)

It took almost an hour, but I finally got blogger to post the rest of Heath's sneak peek! YEAH! WE shot these in Slaton, Texas and it was so much fun seeing Rachel's little brother all grown up! Way to go Heath. I had a blast. The rest of your session will be posted soon.

For now, enjoy!


Anonymous 12:15 AM  

Omigosh Kristin....those pictures are absolutely amazing. I forgot how cute my little brother really is!! You take such breath-taking photos - you really inspire me :D Please don't retire before I get married (Ha) - Much love, Rachel

kristinbednarz 5:23 AM  

HA! You baby bro is a total HOTTIE! I was very nervous about this, Rachel, but the 2nd I got around him and saw how laid back he was? No problem. We had a fun time, despite this stickers in the wonderful locations around Slaton.

As for you and Jacob? Yeah. I've got that one covered. :)


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