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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm sorry, I'm booked

I hate saying those words. Especially if we are into a conversation, me and the bride, and we are "clicking". We talk about the date and suddenly I realize I'm booked. UGH! I hate that! I want to do all the weddings of the world! But since that is so not possible, I have friends that I recommend locally,

Toni Daniel

Lauren Clark
Shan Renee

as well as "communities" of photographers that I belong to.

International Society of Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photographer's Directory
Wed Comp

All are good starts to finding a photographer that is a match for you. Your day is very important. YES. You want beautiful photographs, but NO, you don't want to hang all day with a person that gets on your nerves. So spend some time talking to them, discussing things with them, really getting to know them as much as possible before deciding, yep, you'll do.

On a side note, the photograph above is on the ISWP banner for Texas. It's Heather from a wedding I photographed last summer and she's such a beautiful spirit. She's now a mom and I think it's so fitting that a happy image of her is what was chosen to represent Texas for this quarter. Heather lost her mom recently and I'm sure it's been difficult to smile some days lately.

Heather, if you are still a blog reader, I want you to know I've been thinking about you.


Kayla Barker 9:50 AM  

I don't think I've told you that my sister-in-law, Kim is getting married this year! She got engaged in May! My mother-in-law really wanted you to shoot their wedding, but it's on November 15 and I can see you're already booked. :-( But, I did find Shan Renee and Kim and I are going to meet her in Lamesa tonight. I'm glad you recommended her too. Talk to ya later!

lauren clark 2:05 PM  

Thanks for the link, Kristin:)

jodel phillips 2:30 PM  


I hope Heather sees this.

Heather Wright 10:44 AM  

Yes, girls! I did see this, because I am still a regular reader of your blog... how could I quit? :) Your images are AMAZING.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Kristen. It has been more difficult than I could ever put into words, as my mom was the most beautiful woman I have ever met- inside and out- but our new little addition brings light into our lives and I am determined to show her the same steady, beautiful spirit that my mom was. Again, thank you!!

Heather Wright 10:52 AM  

Of course I am still a regular reader of your blog! How could I quit- your images are AMAZING! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words, Kristen. It has been more difficult than I could ever put into words, welcoming such a precious gift from God into our lives, to only a week later having to say goodbye to the most beautiful woman I have ever known- inside and out. Again, thank you for this and for thinking of us.

heather wright 10:56 AM  

I thought one of my comments didn't post earlier so I attempted again to remember what I wrote and sent ANOTHER, then realized it was saved and YOU have to approve them! So approve which one you like best! hehe!
Anyway- I also meant to add that I love that your girls go to Cooper- my little bro graduated from there last year and I still recognize some of the girls from his baseball games, etc. Such a great school!
Kay- I'm done commenting! Whew!

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