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Sunday, August 10, 2008

emily + jordan (the wedding)

Emily wore her Grandmother's gown. Her grandmother wore this gown in 1960 and it's perfect for Emily All day long, I was reminded of Princess Grace. Not because she or the gown looked anything like her, but there was such an impeccable sense of style to Emily and her wedding, and the sweater twin set at the reception just did it for me. :) Heaven.

Enjoy this sneak peek! And to see more, CLICK HERE. (password is emily and jordans last names smushed together)

Special shout out to Toni with Toni Daniel Photography. She didn't have a wedding this weekend, and I'm so glad! I always have such a great time with her and I can't wait to see what she got. :) Thanks, Toni! I"m lucky to call you "friend".

You can view Toni's work, HERE.


Kim 4:33 AM  

I felt like I was there, having gone through this with you recently.....again to many favorites to pick out just one! Fun Fun Fun---her grandmothers dress, beautiful and how cool is that!!!

Britney 10:00 AM  

Princess Grace. The perfect comparison...

Dennis Bullock 3:05 PM  

These are so great Kristin!

Christy Penn 1:26 PM  

Kristin and Toni...What an amazing team!!! I LOVE the dressing shot and the rings! :o Oow, nice!

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