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Monday, August 11, 2008

Headed to Granmie's

I've got the laptop with me and have tons of awesomely fun wedding photographs to share with the masses, so work continues. It's a quick trip, we will be home on Thursday. And I'm so excited to see my Mom and sister!!! I will take plenty of pictures to share, but my mom lives in practical boonies, so other than dial up, there's no internt. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! The withdrawals are kicking in!!! I think the cell phone coverage is iffy too, as well. :(

See you Thursday!


Kerry Kern 12:07 PM  

Have a great time at your mom's. I saw your new house on Saturday! I love the safe room thing, I want one!!! Kevin is doing the yard next door so I drove by your house to check it out!!! I love it!!

mya 7:55 PM  

What What!! (imagine that in a ghetto voice) Cali...westwiiiiide! Have a beautiful time with your sis and fam :)

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