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Saturday, August 09, 2008

emily got married today!

That's right! Emily and Jordan got married today! What a great couple! :) And their families are even better. One of my very dear, and great friends Toni Spray came out and photographed with me today. You can view her work HERE, and we are tired, exhausted and extrememly proud of ourselves for a job well done.

We started @ 6 AM at the church and finished around 2. Jordan and Emily had to get to the airport to start there new lives together.

I wanted to blog more bridals, so here's a few of Emily's.


Jennifer Adling 6:31 PM  

Another great job Kristen!!!

Kim 6:50 PM  

Very peaceful and calm scenes, Love the profile and nature shots....BE-U-T-FUL! Aghhhhh!!!!

Britney 11:32 PM  

Kristen you're wonderful! I can't wait to see the shots from the entire two days. It was so fun... and as always, you're just amazing. I hope you can travel to Albuquerque whenever I decide to marry some kid. ;-)

- Britney (The bridesmaid who flashed everybody when she caught the bouquet.)

kristinbednarz 12:54 PM  

Britney, OMG! That was such a hoot! And you handled it with such grace, sweetie. You really did. I'm thinking of Photoshooping Pamela Lee Anderson's hoots on you and letting that photograph ride wide open on the world wide web! With all proceeds going to you of course. :)

Just think about how many of Emily's little cousins are dreaming about you now? LOL

Loved hanging out with you!!!!

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