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Monday, August 25, 2008


And she's so beautiful that I'm afraid she'll come home with a boyfriend today.  But listen guys.  This little filly can't date until she's 16 AND after you've had dinner at our house several times.  Mom and Dad's rules.  

I took Kalyn Marie to school today and cried the entire way home.  She's so grown up!


Ramie Babcock 9:57 AM  

Congrats on getting her to high school! I have those same shoes she wore! They are awesome and comfy--I think I got them at Target! She looked so cute--I'm SURE she'll be having the boys call the house, at least!

Jennifer Adling 10:40 AM  

that is a good age and she is a good girl! She will do great in high school.

trpultra 12:59 PM  

I remember those days! In fact, I cried at the beginning of each school year AND when they moved away from home. It's a wonder I have any tears left. Enjoy the Fresh's full of new beginnings for her (and you). ;-)

TheBehnkeFamily 1:51 PM  

She's so beautiful! She's going to do great in high school!

We just celebrated Molly Rose's four month birthday; not quite the same, but I feel like she's growing up so fast, too! I wanted to cry as I put away her 0-3 month onesies that's she's starting to outgrow. :(

Anonymous 3:33 PM  

Oh Kristin, she is beautiful. I still remember she and Summer coming to my bridal session with you!

Christy Loafman

Kim 4:49 PM  

Now I'm tearly b/c you said you cried the whole way home...ughhh this mommyhood stuff. Okay, #1 Beautiful for sure--and fun I can tell! #2 That her hair! #3 Why didn't we have such cool clothes growing up....the 80's we're rough(and fun I quess)but great style #4 In a nutshell watch out Cooper Pirates--Bednarz in the house! Thanks for sharing!

Kerry Kern 8:07 AM  

Just seems like yesterday that Kelsey and Kalyn were going to St. Joseph for Pre K and now they are Freshmen, makes me sad too!! I cried also, Good rules about dating, we actually let Kelsey go on her 1st date last weeekend with a BEDNARZ oh lordy, well several kids went to the movies together, but he drove to Slaton to pick her up, now that makes me sad too!!

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